GTA V 1.02 patch notes live for PS4

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 18, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V 1.02 patch notes are live for PS4 and they don’t contain much in the way of a list, although it’s clear a fix has been delivered for those trying to transfer player vehicle data within GTA Online.

You can see the limited GTA V 1.02 patch notes below that detail exactly what’s included. You can also see a glimpse of the 1.01 update within that screenshot, although the details on this patch can be seen within this article along with the 1.18 download for PS3.


If you are having problems downloading the GTA V update, then this would likely be due to the error code CE-32937-4, which is stopping some players from installing the file on PS4.

The latest install is only a minor fix for the vehicle data issue, and we’ve just heard that Heists will be coming in the next major update, so hopefully this will be 1.19 at some point in 2014. This of course is hoping that we’d get DLC before Christmas day.

We had seen a number of tweets from gamers complaining about character transfer issues on both PS4 and Xbox One, so this quick patch should solve those problems. Share a comment if you are still seeing issues right now?

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  • Liloth

    Oh So exciting I get to play the game that will cause an entire of generation to have subtle misogynistic tendencies again in HD.

    Screw this game and the company that made it.

    • Baptized

      Oh fck off mate.

    • Josh101

      You know this game is Mature right? Intended for adults that are 18 years or older. If you are exposing anyone under 18 years of age, to this Mature title, I would question your morality standards. If you are 18 years of age or older and are impressionable by a Mature game at this point in your lifetime, it is my thought that perhaps you aren’t mentally capable enough to distinguish life from fantasy and should not be granted access to Mature titles.