Seiki 40-inch SE40FY19T LED TV review cites screen problems

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2014

One TV brand which we haven’t spoken about in our recent TV coverage is Seiki. This is a brand that proved to be extremely popular last year during the busy shopping period. Now, we look at some Seiki 40-inch SE40FY19T reviews, to see if one of Seiki’s most popular models is worth splashing out on.

This is clearly designed to be a TV that isn’t intensive on premium specs, but is more geared towards consumers who want a fully functioning TV at the best possible price.

We can see that the Seiki 40-inch SE40FY19T specs reflects this. There’s a 40-inch display with a full 1920×1080 HD resolution. This TV also has a standard refresh rate of 60Hz, while there are three HDMI ports and a contrast ratio of 4000:1.

There is a USB and PC port for further connectivity options, but obviously it is pretty bare bones in terms of luxurious features as opposed to say one of Samsung’s premier models.


That is to be expected though, as Samsung TVs sell for thousands of dollars, while if you are lucky you can pick up a big Seiki TV for just a few hundred dollars – the big attraction for a lot of consumers out there.

The downside to TVs which cost next to nothing though are potential problems that occur after buying. We have spotted a Seiki 40-inch SE40FY19 review page over at Sears here, which suggests that this model may have an issue with display screen quality.

One such comment reads:

“As indicated by others, the screen goes off after few months. In my case it was 7 months; screen flickered several times and went off completely. nothing works now. I did not try to call Seiko so I can not say anything about their cs but they clearly write on their website that you need to pay for shipping THEIR defective TV back to them. I don’t want to spend another $100 on this; instead I will buy new one which is reliable.”

Is this a warning sign for you ahead of a potential purchase? We all love getting a bargain on a TV for the lowest price possible, but what would your reaction be if it suddenly stopped working after seven months?

Let us know your experiences with the Seiki brand and if you would recommend the Seiki 40″ 1080p LED Smart HDTV to others.

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  • Allen

    That’s why you have warranties, in case something goes wrong. In my case, I purchased through Amazon, ( 40 inch for $199.00) and it has a one year warranty. Also, for $22.00, an additional 3 year warranty can be purchased. How can you go wrong?

    • tmaca

      Sure, but is it worth maybe $100 in shipping costs to get an about $200 TV repaired, especially since it sounds like there’s a decent cahace you WILL have to get it fixed in less than a year? You’d be better off figuring you were tying up from $275 to $300 in the TV, and spend it on something more reliable, avoiding the return for repair hassle and also not being without a TV for however long it’s gone.