Destiny PS4 update 1.0.3 during PSN down time

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2014

We were expecting the PSN down time to begin very soon, but what we were not expecting was a new Destiny PS4 update 1.0.3 to go live at the same time. This could turn out to be bad news for those on a slow connection as the update is 2.44GB in size.

As a result, we are seeing a long download time on our update, but we’ve already been told by some of you that your updates are giving estimated times of three to five hours.

It goes without saying that this could cause huge problems and possibly also corrupt files if the PSN goes offline for maintenance during the scheduled times, whilst the 2.44GB Destiny patch 1.0.3 on PS4 is downloading at the same time.


For now though, the PSN is up and our file is downloading safely. In a way, it is going to be interesting to see how Sony’s servers handle the situation. Obviously the PSN is going to be offline for six hours and during this time we have a feeling that a lot of you will still be downloading the Destiny update.

Will the PS4 simply be able to pause updates for millions of gamers for six hours, then resume as normal once the PSN is back to full functionality? Let’s hope that the PS4 really is next-gen and can provide this feature without any issues.

Are you downloading a huge 2.44GB patch for Destiny at the moment? The Destiny 1.0.3 patch notes in full can be seen here – check out everything then let us know what you think of the changes.

Are you worried that the PSN will go offline before you have finished updating?

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    i have a 100Mbps connection and this download is basically at a stand still. The network traffic to Bungie must be overwhelming their servers. Says 5 hours left. Started out at 45mins. FML

  • Wow

    Great, I thought I was the only one. At first it said 3hours, I was shocked at the download time, fifteen minutes later I’m at 1.13GB with 37minutes on the clock

  • Fabrico Montini

    I have 35Mbps up and down and it is telling me 10 hours……i did not know about the maintenance
    was wondering what hell was going on…Greatness awaits….