COD: Advanced Warfare MDL grenade launcher weapon review

During the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo survival mode we maxed out the MDL grenade launcher and it became our weapon of choice for a while, although you can get hands-on with this weapon in other game modes as well. Today, we want to highlight some gameplay and videos offering an Advanced Warfare MDL grenade launcher weapon review.

The COD Advanced Warfare MDL weapon won’t be able to take enemies out easily when they are close up, but used correctly it can be devastating to groups of enemies and other players in multiplayer. Not to mention, the odd lucky shot from a distance.


You can use the semi-automatic MDL to launch time detonated grenades and you can see it in action within the first video below. The second video is very short, but shows a cross-map kill with the MDL. Finally, the last video offers up 5-minutes more of gameplay with the MDL as well.

Have you spent much time with the COD Advanced Warfare MDL weapon and if so, what do you love and hate about this grenade launcher? Let us know in the comments where you have found this weapon useful, especially in terms of your setup and mode. Take a look at the videos to see the MDL in action.



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