Battlefield 4 Phantom Bow stats review

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2014

We are closing in on the Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC release date. The big surprise to Premium members is that the Battlefield 4 Phantom Spyder bow is coming after finally being confirmed as real.

As we wait for DICE to unlock the weapon in the game, we can now bring you a useful heads-up on BF4 Phantom bow stats, as there will be three different types of ammo for the bow with varying damage output and other important stats.

DICE has obviously needed to treat the bow’s arrival with great caution, as one false move could lead to over balance and everyone using the weapon in multiplayer online if it is deemed too powerful.

There are three sets of ammo to choose from though, with the Broadhead arrow, the Bullet Point arrow and the Explosive Tip arrow.


The first as pictured above is going to be the standard arrow type for the new Spyder bow in Battlefield 4. It has strengths in damage and stability, but lacks any kind of hip fire so may not be supported for this style of play.

The bullet point arrow on the other hand sacrifices damage by 20% compared to the broadhead, but makes up for that with extended range capabilities. As a result, this looks to be the ideal ammo for those that like to pick opponents off from a long distance away from the target.


Finally, we have the explosive tip. Likely to be one of the most popular play styles in Conquest, this tip looks like it has the capability to damage vehicles. It has 90 damage which is really powerful but again less range than the bullet point ammo, so you’ll need to fire this one closer to the intended target.


All three ammo types for this weapon are being used with Iron Sights and the Stabilizer attachment. This suggests that there won’t be an ADS for the Phantom bow, while the Stabilizer may have to be unlocked separately too.

For those that are asking how to unlock the Spyder bow in Battlefield 4 specifically, it looks like you will have to work your way through a set of BF4 Phantom Operative assignments which are yet to be revealed in full.

Further information on the bow can be seen by watching the excellent video analysis courtesy of Westie who has supplied the images above. Let us know what you think of this weapon and if you will be using it as your primary weapon once Final Stand launches.

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  • Gustavo Belachur

    Silent and deadly. That’s why i love it. I have 5400 kills with my bf3 xbow, and i waiting for this!!

  • Nougat92

    Oh there are players who do like to play with such weapons. The crossbow is my best weapon in BF3 with over 1k kills … in my opinion you need more skill and tactic to be effective with the crossbow, furthermore its something special.
    Killing your enemys with assault rifles or carbines is simply boring 😛

    Until now I missed such a special weapon in BF4, Im going to use the bow as my main primary weapon after unlocking it.

  • VIChiefIV

    Most likely the bow will be as useless as the crossbow was in BF3. Nothing more than a gimmick most people would ignore the crossbow in that title once they had it unlocked and the novelty factor had worn off.

    I don’t see anyone using this for any extended period of time. A silenced carbine etc is just as deadly in terms of range and stealth factor while giving more offensive power: 1 arrow vs 20-30 bullets per clip is an absolute no brainer.