Review of Proscan PLT7100G 7-inch Android tablet specs

By Peter Chubb - Nov 16, 2014

The 7-inch tablet market is not all about the 2013 Nexus 7 or one of the many other Android alternatives, but we do know Christmas 2014 will see a huge uptake in the budget market, and one model to consider is the Proscan PLT7100G 7-inch Android tablet. Its features and specs are not going to set the bench test scores alight, but that is not what this model is all about.

This low-end tablet is pretty much as basic as it gets, which a short review of its specs will reveal, although it is still capable of doing all the basic functions, such as getting on the Internet, sending out emails and using apps, although not those that require too much in the performance department.

Proscan PLT7100G 7-inch tablet

It comes as no surprise the processor is one that can only manage a clock speed of 1GHz, and that its onboard memory is just 512MB, so don’t try to download graphic intensive apps because you might get an issue with lag.

The 7-inch display comes with a 800×480 pixel resolution and a 0.3 megapixel camera right up front as well. The Proscan PLT7100G does lack a rear-facing camera and a HD display for decent image reproduction.

As for storage, there is just 4GB, although can be expanded to 32GB with the use of a microSD card. Don’t expect the latest version of Android either, as this model runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean instead, which is a few versions out of date.

We have heard rumors its price could be reduced to less than $40, which we have to say would make a perfect tablet for a child.

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  • g cook

    a friend’s machine stopped working while online, then restarted to the password page looking for a password. my friend never had a password and can no longer get past the password entry page

    • g cook

      and I need to get her past that page. Hitting the reset did not help

  • pissedoff

    I am not sure that POS properly describes this thing. My 12 year old got it for Christmas and it has been nothing but headaches. northlander is right about the memory. His 3 apps ran it out of memory and it would randomly remove apps to make room. Not to mention having to wipe the user data so the thing would even boot up. Now it is at the point 2 weeks later where it won’t get past the initial boot up screen even with doing a factory reset. Waste of money….spend the couple extra bucks and get a decent tablet and save yourself a lot of heachaches.

  • northlander30

    I got this POS for Christmas to use as a field monitor for my DSLR cameras. It doesn’t support the free app that is needed. Yes the claim on the box and what you mentioned above that it is supposed to have a 4gb storage capability! NOT SO! Connect it to your computer and go into the storage on this tablet and it will reveal that the ACTUAL storage capacity is 1.9gig out of a possible 2 gig. They are using the 4gb as a selling feature but are lying about it! You speak of lagging. Lagging ain’t the word for it! Remember when we all had 386’s and 486 computers? Then we got into the Pentium realm of computers and how slow out old computers were compared to the new Pentium? This is the same! Pretty sad that my Samsung Galaxy S3 is more efficient and about 20 times faster for processor speed over this piece of junk. My daughter got one of these as did my wife for Christmas as well, my daughter being 8 is already fed up with it because it lags so much. Do yourself a favor spend about 60 bucks more and go by the Acer B1-720. My 10 year old son has this tablet and it is far more superior than the Proscan in every aspect.