Xur on Sunday until Nov 21

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 26, 2015

Most people will know the time when Destiny Xur is not there anymore on Sunday, although those new to this game might be confused over the hours and end times. If you are wondering where Xur is in Destiny at 9AM UK time, then the simple answer is he’s not there anymore until the new location on November 21.

Those of you in the United States should expect Xur to go missing from Destiny around 1AM/2AM PST. Players have had since Friday to purchase items from the Agent of the Nine and this included a hand cannon called, “The Last Word“.


What weapon and other gear should Destiny’s Xur sell next week in the new Nov 21 location? The debate has already started about what Destiny’s Xur should be selling from the new location on Nov 21. While we have 5 days until that time, feel free to leave a comment with any items you’d like to see sold next week, especially your weapon choice.

We are still waiting for the Ice Breaker sniper rifle to be sold again by Xur in Destiny, and we’re not alone with that wish. Did you manage to purchase The Last Word this week and if not, what other items did you attain? Remember to follow Product Reviews with the social channel of choice, as we will be one of the first to break news on the new location and items next Friday.

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  • Ronen

    Where is he?

  • Tom G

    If Xur sold the Suros Regime, Ice Breaker, or the Gjallarhorn, I would be very satisfied 🙂

    In other words, my prayers, as well as others would be answered 🙂

  • Xür

    Suros Regime!!!!!

  • Vexruh

    Suros Rerime or icebreaker and knuckle headradar for hunter


    ICE BREAKER!!!!!!!

  • PS4Guy

    S U R O U S

  • wp8winRTftw

    I want the Ice Breaker and the Achylophyage Symbiote. Although I have my Hunter Gunslinger geared to hand cannons (sojurn Grips and Boots, DustWalker Chest), I didn’t get the Last Word because my maxed out TDYK has the Zen Moment and Luck in the Chamber perks. It is super stable and does huge damage. I just got the Last Boss sniper on a Legendary Engram drop, but I really want the Ice Breaker.

  • Johnson Nguyen

    I too want the ice breaker this week

  • Jeff MacGarland

    I would like the weapon to be the Suros Regime. I have been urging for this gun for a long time. But I could never get enough strange coins for it. The Suros Regime would definitely be my choice.

    • wp8winRTftw

      You will have to wait a couple of weeks. Xur goes, Primary, Special, Heavy, and he just sold the Last Word as the primary, so the next two weeks will be a Special and then a Heavy.

  • Rob

    I also want the Ice Breaker sniper, really hope I see it next Friday.

    • sam

      Same here