Sony 60-inch KDL60R510A 120Hz Smart TV review spotlight

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2014

We have given you a heads up on the best TVs to buy during Holiday 2014 with brands such as Samsung, but now it is time to see what Sony are bringing to the table as well. With that in mind, we can bring you a Sony 60-inch KDL60R510A 120Hz Smart TV review and take a look at how those specs compare to other brands.

This is definitely one of Sony’s more premium models available and you will have to pay a fair amount of money if you want to get one. This month is obviously the perfect time to do so though, as there is going to be opportunities for you to pick up this model with a significant discount from certain retailers.

Taking a look at Sony 60-inch KDL60R510A specs, we can see that this model features a 60-inch 1920x1080p full HD resolution with LED quality. It has a 120Hz native refresh rate, but features Sony’s unique Motionflow XR 240 technology to emulate 240Hz.


Elsewhere, we see 3 HDMI ports, a contrast ratio over 1 million, power saving mode, a special gaming mode, HDCP 1.4 support, 5.1 Surround Sound output and much more.

It really is a powerhouse in terms of entertainment features, making it a great TV for watching movies with the family. We can also confirm that this TV uses Sony’s Bravia Sync technology, allowing you to control all supported Sony devices with the touch of one button – i.e. powering them on, with the right settings saved and then powering all devices off with a single button press.

We know that this model retails for around $1000, but we have a feeling that you may be able to get a significant discount if you take the time to look around online.

For those looking for further details, we have picked out a Sony 60-inch KDL60R510A review page over at Best Buy, which gives you a heads-up on what other consumers have been saying about this particular model and if it is worth the money.

If you need the full Sony 60-inch KDL60R510A 120Hz Smart TV tech specs, you can read through the entire list of features here over at Sony’s official product listing.


We have also located the official Sony 60-inch KDL60R510A TV manual here as well for those that want to really do further examinations prior to buying.

Does this look like the right TV for you? Let us know what you think of this 60-inch beast and whether you think they are comparable to similar brands from Samsung. Would you choose a Samsung TV or a Sony TV as a preference?

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  • preferred user

    True refresh rate is 120Hz which = orig frame + repeat frame + back light strobing to emulate 240HZ
    IOW you see 2 frames per sec to arrive at a true 120Hz refresh rate as opposed to no frame repeat on a set with a true 60 Hz refresh rate .

    Motion flow XR 120 = no frame repeat . True refresh rate = 60 Hz and + back light blinking to emulate 120 Hz.

    Motion Flow 240 = 1 frame repeat (120Hz true refresh rate) + back light strobing to emulate 240Hz.

    Motion flow 480 = 2 frame repeat and one dynamic frame insertion to = 120 Hz true refresh rate and emulate 480Hz .

  • iloveme

    Thanks for your review. Are you sure it has 120Hz as refresh rate? It doesn’t say so on Sony’s website — seems like is it 60Hz. Please confirm

    • Chrisdroid

      They already corrected that on the Sony website! It is native 120Hz!