Haier 48-inch 48D3500 LED HDTV review of sound quality

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2014

Those of you who are looking for a new TV replacement in the living room, may want to consider this brand that we have picked out. Haier are a brand that often goes under the radar, but a Haier 48-inch 48D3500 LED HDTV review may convince you that this is the brand you need to own above competitors.

If you think about budget TV models, the likely contenders usually involve the likes of Westinghouse, Element, Emerson and so on. Haier shouldn’t be forgotten though, as we can see that the Haier 48-inch 48D3500 TV specs in particular are not bad at all.

For starters, it features a 48-display that is LED quality and offers a full HD resolution of 1980×1080. LED backlit technology is also featured on this TV, while there are three HDMI ports, one USB port and a PC port included as well.


Haier also promises a high dynamic contrast ratio for a clearer picture and enhanced sound quality thanks to their own ‘Sound Chamber’ technology.

However, it is the sound quality which we have seen criticised though in the early Haier 48-inch 48D3500 LED HDTV reviews, so you may want to consider picking up a sound bar such as this one as an alternative sound source.

Head to this review page here and you will that the main cons of this model is ‘poor sound quality’ from those who have already purchased one. Having said that, it is not a massive blow and we can also see that those who have reviewed it have had very good words to say about the 48-inch Haier 1080p LED TV.


With this in mind, tell us if you would be willing to pick up the TV if you see it with discounts this month. Do you already have a sound bar lined up to alleviate any fears over sound quality?

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  • Graham Wilkins

    the review below is absolutely spot-on. The picture quality of this set is excellent and the sound of my laptop is better than this tv will ever be. From the time I bought it 2 yrs ago I have always had to have a sound bar hooked up to it the audio absolutely sucks and I would never recommend buying it. If I had known at the time I would have paid another $100-$150 for a SAMSUNG and would have something I could listen to without a sound bar.

  • TG2

    There is only ONE acceptable reason to buy this set, if you already have, and only intend to use, audio through your soundbar or theater audio system.

    I can not believe your review would be so stupid to suggest the sound “… is not a massive blow…” and then has the audacity to suggest buying a 250 dollar sound bar! Let alone that you now add YET ANOTHER remote control into the mixture of Cable, TV, BlueRay and now SoundBar too!? … but for 250 above 350 for the set? Are you insane? … no really, because that would be the ONLY way this would make sense.

    ONLY buy this set if you already have a sound bar, or have a theater system/receiver sound system, otherwise, you are wasting your money buying something that will require you to buy yet another piece of equipment (sound bar or theater speaker / amp system) just to make the audio loud enough to be heard. This isn’t a quality in the dynamic range, but the simple fact that the sound output is too extremely low to be usable.