New Xur items in Destiny for week 10

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 8, 2015

Where is Xur in Destiny for week 10? We have finally seen the location for November 14 revealed after the search started for some around 24 hours ago, and now the new Xur items in Destiny have been detailed in a list along with his location for this weekend until Sunday, November 16.

Below this article you can see a video featuring one player running to the new Destiny Xur location and showing gamers exactly where he is this week. Not only will you get a quick glimpse at where to find him, but also see the new inventory with items for sale by Xur for the whole weekend.


What’s Xur selling in Destiny today? Once you reach the gathering of players next to the speaker, unless you are first, then you can dig through the gear up for sale today. This includes The last word hand cannon weapon and The Armamentarium, Voidfang Vestments, and Creat of Alpha Lupi Chest Armor.

Are you happy with the items Xur has for sale in Destiny today and if not, what did you hope to find? The end time on Sunday will follow Destiny’s normal pattern, which means Xur will go missing around 9AM in the UK and early hours in the US. Share a comment below with the items you purchased from the week 10 inventory.

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  • tropolite

    DAMN Hate That… My Titan bought the helmet and it’s a Warlock helmet. I’ve had a handful of Exotics come past my way and no armour have been suitable for my Titan. I’ve had three Worlock armour pieces and 1 Hunter.
    (I don’t have a Warlock), so, should I dismantle the helmet (it’s the Skull of Dire Ahamkara or create a Warlock and get them to Level 20? What would you do??

    • Taeloth0615

      Im a level 29 warlock. My wife’s character is a 22 titan and I have a level 8 hunter. All on the same account. In your case I would keep the helmet and make a warlock.

      Its one of my favorite looking helmets in the game and as soon as your lock is level 20 it will instantly jump to 22 allowing you to do weekly heroics. I only dismantle things I have duplicates of myself. Or gear that I bought from a vendor and got a better raid drop (not weapons though)

      • tropolite

        Thanks guys for your recommendations… looks like I’ll be building a warlock. 🙂
        My titan has just hit level 28 so looks like he will be semi retired and a new warlock will be stalking the Fallen. See you on the killing fields Guardians

    • Fran

      I’m also a high 29 Titan, same problem, but keep the Ahamkara and build your Warlock. That’s what I did. Right when I reached 20 (took 3 days) I equipt all my extra Warlock armour I collected and reached level 26 just like that. This helps when you want to combine all your Ascendants and coins needed for both characters. It’s a lot of work on the grind but I think its worth it.

  • anonymous

    I didn’t purchase any but I am kinda mad that my hard work in the nightfall got me the exotic weapon xûr is selling