Destiny Xur’s The Last Word in Hand Cannon review

How are you getting on with the new Destiny Xur location and items today? The excitement has reached fever pitch and we now know what exotic wares are up for grabs this weekend.

One of which is the Destiny The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon, which many are happy to admit is a ‘must’ own weapon in Destiny. Some even say that it’s the best weapon in Destiny although that may be pushing it.

Either way, it is now available to buy from Xur and we recommend everyone picking it up if you have the resources available, especially considering it’s limited.


If you are looking to be the proud owner of this rare item, you will need to be aware that Destiny’s The Last Word hand cannon price will be 23 Strange Coins.

That’s fairly expensive, as it’s the most expensive item available from Xur at the moment joint with the Exotic Engram helmet. To help make up your mind though on whether it is worth it, we have the perfect video for you to watch.

It showcases 9 minutes of excellent footage, along with reasons why you need to purchase The Last Word this weekend while it’s on sale. You’ll see how lethal it is in game, not to mention how cool it looks too when you are taking out enemies with a single hit.

Is it right to call The Last Word the best weapon in the game though? Give us your thoughts on that debate below and if you will be buying it from Xur or not.



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