Windows 8 10.1-inch UB-15MS10SA unbranded tablet review missing

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2014

We have given you opinions on a whole collection of budget Android tablets from brands such as RCA, Digiland and Nobis. Now though, it is time to look at a Windows 8-based tablet, with some details on the Windows 8 10.1-inch UB-15MS10SA unbranded tablet.

This model is unique in the fact that it doesn’t have a brand attached to it. Sometimes retailers who are looking to keep their product details hidden until purchase disclose the brand name, but in this case there doesn’t appear to be any manufacturer attached to the tablet.

That shouldn’t be a warning sign however, as we can see that the Windows 8 10.1-inch UB-15MS10SA specs are decent enough. It features a 10.1-inch WXGA TFT LED touch-screen display with a 1280 x 800 resolution, and a 1.33Ghz Intel Atom processor with 2GB of RAM on top.

There’s a 2MP camera on the rear, but also a surprise 2MP camera on the front as well – usually we would only see a low quality camera on the front of tablets, but not with this model.


We can confirm that this unbranded tablet has 32GB of storage which is great to see, but with the extra icing on the cake of expanding it further with MicroSD card support.

Finally, this Windows tablet also supports HDMI out, meaning that you can use all of your favorite apps and view pictures and videos on the TV which is always handy.

As you can see, these are very reasonable specs indeed for a tablet that has no official name. As far as we’re aware, it’s also a brand new tablet for 2014 which is only just hitting the shelves – meaning that you may find it difficult to locate a Windows 8 10.1-inch UB-15MS10SA unbranded tablet review.

Give us your thoughts on this model anyway. Are you interested in picking up a tablet which is Unbranded, with Windows 8, 10.1-inches, offers 32GB and comes in gray color? Give us your thoughts on this one below.

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  • laurie

    Does anyone know where to find cases for this tablet! Or a cross reference model?

  • jocularist

    So far, I hate this notebook. It might be the Windows 10 upgrade, but I can’t find any documentation for it. When I am presented with a log-in screen to some app (my local library, Netflix, etc.) when I click on the username field, I expect the keyboard to pop up so I can enter my name. Nope, doesn’t do it. Sure, I could connect it to the optional keyboard (which I have) but what good is that as far as having a notebook instead of a laptop? I would appreciate any suggestions. (I almost took a hammer to it.)

    • ShawVMedia

      I know this is a ridiculously late reply but that is not a fault of the tablet, it’s Windows 10 on touch devices. You can easily fix the keyboard problem however by following these steps….

      1)Go to all settings then devices
      2) Next select typing
      3) At the VERY bottom of the choices, turn on the one that says, “Show touch keyboard or handwriting….”

      BOOM! Problem solved! If you have anyother question, feel free to ask. I may be able to help!

    • Alan Gregg

      In the system setup you can select tablet mode, which may solve your problem

  • Ashley Nicklin

    my lover got me this for xmas, i’ve never had an issue, i freaking love love LOVE IT!!!! i’d recommend it to anyone. i’ve knocked it off my dresser onto tile floor and it didnt crack at all, i dont know what ya’ll are doing to crack yours up but….. you shouldn’t do that anymore. 😉

  • lissa

    “Unbranded”. Is the old Best Buy brand.

  • SUB_zer0zephyr

    Terrible product, screen cracked on its own, it is terrible. Can’t even play MINECRAFT at 10 FPS!!!!! Terrible product, do not recommend it.

  • starc2k

    any suggestions on how to get the capacitive home button to work in windows 10?

  • Luciano Gonzalez

    I got a model UB-15MS10, But, nnow the touch screen iis broken but it works good. Please, where or how can I get te touch? or repair it? My email is

  • Glenn Martin

    My unbranded tablet was fine until I updated it to windows 10 and the built in windows home button doesn’t work. Help anyone?

    • jocularist

      Maybe we have a similar problem. After the upgrade, did you keyboard pop up when you touch a field that accepts text?

  • ussmillerco

    Karen, give you some cash for your broken unbranded tablet. Have one with a broken screen that works great, just need to Frankenstein another to make it work…..or anyone else looking to off there’s…email as I’m at @yahoo. Screen name + @yahoo. Com

  • Karen

    I purchased this tablet back at the end of Feb 2015. The beginning of the July 2015 it went off and will not come back on. I called the Unbranded tech support and they said it was still under warranty. They asked me for my receipt # and or cell/email so they can track my purchase from Best Buy. I was informed this product is sold exclusively to Best Buy .I told them I purchased this off Amazon. They told me to contact the person I bought it from and ask them to provide the information .Well after numerous e-mails the seller informed me “It worked when you got it” there was nothing they can do. They could not provide me with the Best Buy transaction or any other information for that matter. Unbranded would not budge even with the Amazon receipt. The warranty was void. I took it to Best Buy for a repair evaluation and the gentleman was totally honest with me. He said till I paid to have it shipped out to their repair facility, have it worked on “if” it could be fixed I could purchase a brand new tablet for the amount of money I would have to sink into it. So before you purchase this tablet from anyone other than Best Buy double check with the seller that they can provide a Best Buy purchase transaction. So basically I am out $157.00 for the tablet along with the keyboard and case I also purchased for this. Here I sit typing this review on my brand new HP Stream Notebook. Was it a good little tablet when it worked? Yes. Was it worth the hassle and $157.00 for less than 5 months use? No way!!!! Live and learn and I don’t want to see anyone else have to deal with this kind of nonsense. Total letdown

    • Cecely


      This happened with mine as well. Turns out the device was coming on, but the screen was black. I happened to swipe the screen which seemed to pull it out of some weird sleep mode or something. Hasn’t happened again since.

  • charles

    Mine works fine no problems to speak of

    • luke

      I bought the UnBranded tablet used off of eBay for $75 (no charger or keyboard) so I could have one that’s already “tested” and working. I haven’t had any problems with it at all, except the charging time is unbelievably long.

      • Harvey

        Your charge time is directly proportioned to the amp output of the charger. The tablet requires 2.3 amps and if you are using a charger for your phone the amperage is to low.

  • Susan

    I have an unbranded tablet from Best Buy and I am on my second one as having issues with the charging USB. It quit working on the first one and returned to Best Buy but within a few weeks the second ones is having the same problem won’t charge. Has anyone else had any problem with this? I have tried ever USB cord in our house and none of them will work to charge it. I am frustrated as it is great for everything I need but can’t get it to recharge.

  • Anna

    I have one though I wish I didn’t. I returned the first one only days after I bought it because it stopped charging. I was given a new one by best buy and only days later it too didn’t work. However, in my frustration, after it stopped working AGAIN, I poked it too hard and it fell off my bed and the screen cracked. Now it won’t even turn on and I can never return it or get my money back. Don’t buy this model! It’s not worth the aggravation.

  • Xcelr8te

    Does anyone know how to fix the audio on the 8.1? the speakers work great, but the headphone jack comes out with background noise louder than the person speaking. Does anyone know how to fix this, to where the sound is even and not so unbalanced, would really like to listen to my lectures and music with out any problems.

    • Matt Blanchard

      Headphones with a microphone won’t work. Use headphones with no microphone. Oldschool yes I know but that’s the only way to listen to this tablet with headphones – or Bluetooth headphones – both of which I’ve tried and work fine.

    • John Zollar

      You have to options, replace the audio jack to be compatible with your headset or stereo system or buy a head with USB cable that you can connect to your keyboard USB connection. I used the USB option because I don’t have to open the tablet to repair the audio jack

  • Jon Smith

    The review I wrote for the Best Buy website:

    Pros: Cheap, no bloatware, and uses what little space it has better than a Dell Venue 8 Pro.

    Cons: CHEAP! Holding this thing the first thing you notice is the build quality is really below par.


    the unit I have the seams don’t match up, you can tell the whole back
    panel is shifted off to one side and slightly up. This creates jagged
    edges all around the device that make it uncomfortable to hold.

    The buttons also feel really cheap and move in ways they shouldn’t and feel like they might just fall off.

    what really got me was the absolutely terrible sound quality coming out
    of the 1/8″ audio port, I honestly didn’t think anything besides the
    speakers/headphones could have that detrimental an effect on the sound
    quality. I’m no audiophile but having installed Spotify and set it to
    use the highest quality audio I was amazed at how muffled the music and
    lyrics were, words just can’t explain how bad it is. I had to plug my
    headphones into my phone just to make sure something wasn’t wrong with
    them! As listening to Spotify at work was one of my primary intended
    uses I will be returning the device after only one day.

    also had a Dell Venue 8 Pro that I liked but I had to ship it back to
    Dell for service. Two of my biggest problems with the Dell were related.
    One an 8 inch screen really isn’t big enough for Windows (iOS and
    Android are fine) and two it doesn’t have an HDMI out so you are stuck
    with the 8″ screen.

    thought by getting the Unbranded tablet with it’s larger 10″ screen and
    HDMI out port I would be fixing those two issues. Since the two tablets
    use almost identical S.O.C.s (System on Chip) from Intel (Atom Z3740D
    vs. the Z3735F in the Unbranded) I figured they would perform almost the
    same as well.

    actuality this doesn’t seem to be true, the unbranded isn’t as snappy
    with windows taking noticeably longer than on the Dell to display.

    only thing I can think to explain it is slower considering both the
    Dell and the Unbranded use the same CPU, memory, and graphics is
    Unbranded must have used a slower eMMC (the “hard drive”).

    Also the build quality of the Dell is miles above the Unbranded as far as I can tell.

    The Unbranded does do a few things as well as or better than the Dell though.

    screens on both devices are limited too 1280×800 but both look vibrant
    and clear, I would say besides the size difference they are comparable.

    Unbranded came without ANY bloatware and I mean nothing but the
    operating system and drivers installed, this is a huge plus in my book.

    is more usable space left out of the limited 32 GB your allotted. I
    don’t remember exactly on the Dell but out of the box but I think there
    was about 10 GB free. The Unbranded had 20 GB. That is a huge

    that I think about it I’m not sure how so much space on the Dell gets
    eaten up. I know the Dell had two recovery partitions 1 GB and 5.5GB vs.
    the one 3.5 GB recover partition on the Unbranded but that only
    accounts for 3 GB. Add a little bloatware and I still don’t see how
    there is a 10 GB difference.

    conclusion the extra space was a welcome surprise but the terrible
    sound quality alone is a deal breaker for me. Add in the other build
    quality issues and I would not recommend this tablet. However the sound
    quality may not be a consideration for others and though I haven’t
    tested I assume the sound quality over Bluetooth will be as good as that
    technology can reproduce as the wireless chip is all part of the Intel

    Good luck!

    • AZ Galaga

      You must have gotten the scrap of the pot. Sound quality on mine is excellent. Build quality ok. “UnBranded must have used a slower hard drive” Child this can play Half Life!

  • AZ Galaga

    They do realise the Company name is literally UnBranded (the tablet is an UnBranded 15MS).

    • Clark

      Yup. And UnBranded is a brand owned by Best Buy

  • chance

    any ideas how to replace screen and where to get one

  • chance

    other than that its a good piece of work

  • chance

    wouldnt recommend buying when screen cracks no longer touch screen

  • aleco

    I can’t find GPS settings or any information about it in the tablet. Any advices?

    • GPS is a sensor, does not really have settings, just open Bing maps and make sure you allowed “use my position” and you will show up on the map after a few seconds calibration (may not work indoors).

  • m

    can anyone tell me how I can repair office 365 so I can run it on my tablets?

  • DCTheTruth

    Wish I can overclock this bad boy just a little not much.

    • Its still an atom, overclocking (even if you could) wouldn’t really get you anywhere.

  • Dennis

    This is my second tablet I have purchased and I’m impressed with it’s performance and capabilities. I plan on passing this on to my mother to replace a desktop computer since all she does is check her Hotmail account and play Solitaire.

    • Brian Chidichimo

      LOL……my mom does the same……

    • Amber

      I want to know if anyone could help me? I purchased this tablet over the holidays and ever since then it has been a problem. First it couldn’t connect to my laptop/desktop to exchange files. So I took it Bestbuy and they told me a needed a special cord. The cord took two and a half weeks to get here, and it didn’t work. So I contacted them again, and they were like “yeah you need this usb cord too”. Bought the usb cord and nothing, it still wont let me put my music, pictures, homework, etc on it. Have any of you added files to your tablet? And if so, how?

      • Best buy is yanking your chain to get you to buy stuff. Just drop your files in you OneDrive (previously skydrive). If you have a Microsoft account or created one when setting up your windows 8 then you already have it. Use that to not only transfer files between systems but also keep them synced and backed up in the cloud.

      • Daniel

        Just sign up for one drive and use an outlook account you can access all your files there. It’s so easy. Another way is to use one drive on Google it works great.

      • Mark Ingram

        Use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect. You don’t need wires. Google for instructions or use the Windows built-in help.

  • Anthony

    I bought this tablet keyboard bundle the day after Christmas. Its been a pretty good buy so far. You can’t beat the price especially since it came with a keyboard and 2 gigs of ram. My only really cons are with the sound and audio jack. The sound isn’t really bad just not super loud and you have to use head phones that don’t have volume buttons on them or it won’t work right.

  • BillC

    Anyone know if this is considered OTG compatibld? Trying to plug a combo camera card reader into it.

    • carl

      Yes, it supports OTG

  • I’m having issues with sound quality – any suggestions?

    • Justin Wiles

      Get headphones, or get a set of tablet speakers which you can find online for about $20 or so.. depends how fancy you want it.

  • Christine Westrick-Tadlock

    Can anyone tell me if it does screenshots

  • Jacob Dickson

    Love it i got it as a early chrismas present and i love it i got a 280 gb thumb drive for storage and i use it for school so it handles all that i got the black friday bundle so i got a keyboard with it and now it works like a real computer and with windows 8.1 i can download all files including .exe which with all other tablets is not possable so i will be bringing this baby to collage i really suggest it to everyone its $229 at bestbuy for the bundle and $179 for just the tablet

  • Emmett

    I returned it. Was not able to connect my iPad to it.
    Would have kept it.

    • Josh Wobbles

      What? why would you want to do that?

    • njreyy

      I too just bought one right now and it does not connect to my home’s wifi. All my other devices do however connect without a problem. When connecting this device, I get the windows cannot connect. I created a hotspot with my iPhone and it connected just fine. But it doesn’t connect the wifi at home.

      • juan

        it might be caused by your router sometimes u need to reset ur router settings and reprogram your wifi security settings some how how some routers get stocked and cause conflicts with windows OS in the other hand apple routers cause problems too so if u have an apple router or AP then never mind good luck

    • a critical mind

      its a windows 8.1 tablet. and your ipad is also a tablet, which runs something called apples iOs. They are very easily connected. Basically you take both tablets and lay them face up on a clean table. you then cover one clean tablet screen (your choice) with strawberry jam, and the other screen with extra chunky peanut butter. smash them bad boys together in a ziplock gallon bag, and pack your connected tablets in your knapsack! 1’st grade is gonna be fun!

      • MoMo

        I love how it has to be “extra chunky peanut butter”

    • Rob

      You needed to get an OTG cable then load iTunes on the Tablet and connect as you would on a regular desktop. My iPad and iPhones connect fine.

      Picked this up from Best Buy yesterday $199 with keyboard, it’s great.

  • Damien Clark

    I bought this last minute opened it up turned it on and I was already impressed with its quickness.
    I rapidly installed a ton of apps and full software like Reason 5.0, teamviewer, digital watchdog and a ton of others. All worked perfectly except two! Office 365 still failing to complete a background process to install. Microsoft knows of this and its a run around to fix it.
    2 cakewalk sonar the tablet only has .net framework 4.0, Now before you say anything I looked and the box for .net 3.5 and below is unchecked when I check the box to install it says cant connect to the internet . BS!
    so manual download it is but install still failed grrr there is a fix for this too but yet another pain.
    other than those two things its great! well worth the $
    here’s some of the specs.
    win8.1 with bing
    atom z3735f @1.33 GHz quad core
    2GB ddr3
    32bit OS on a 64 bit processor
    10 point touch
    light sensor
    front and rear cams
    stereo speakers
    dockable keyboard …separate
    mini hdmi out
    usb for charge seems to work well with an OTG cable and everything I plugged into it kb, mouse, usb cam and usb drives.
    and great battery life if windows configured properly and not bad at all out of the box.
    All in all great tablet. I bought this to program ip cameras and alarm panels at work its gone way beyond that now with a hootoo tripmate and hootoo usb to ethernet adapter with built in 3 port usb hub.

  • Emmett

    I bought this as part os a Tablet Essentials bundle today at best buy and it seems to work great.

    The included keyboard has a usb 2.0 port that doesn’t seem to be compatible with my idevices.

    Tried iPhone 5, iPad mini 2, and iPad air, still no luck.

    I did install iTunes, but it does not see the attached hardware.

    Anyone else have that problem?

    • my opinion is needed

      not sure how to use the front cam,sounds crazy but i dont see an option to take a pic with the front cam.. the instructions didnt mention it either and no youtube reviews to go off of .someone help me please

      • KeMenc

        There is a small button on the camera screen, near the bottom right corner. It is a image of a camera with an arrow going around it. It may take you a minute to find as it is on the small side, but it is there.

        • Al

          To get to the camera switch button , you need to first slide your finger down-up motion on the bottom of the screen, to get the camera option screen. It is easy when you finally learn to do it 🙂

    • dtrip

      I too was having trouble getting the usb port on the keyboard to recognize my printer. I thought the problem was that I was doing uncommon consumer printing onto my dymo 450. Tried and tried to no avail. On a whim I plugged a usb mouse into the port and it worked fine. As soon as I plugged the printer back in – whammo – printed perfectly. Maybe if you try a different device with the usb it will reset somehow.

      All and all – very pleased – purchased 5 of them to use for event check-in kiosks.

  • P Walker

    I have gone through 2 of these tablets and maybe a 3rd based on the following:
    1) Problems with Office 365 installation–finally chatted with Microsoft Office Support and they had to remote into my tablet–took hours for them to finally tweak the registry so I could finish the activation (turning off print spooler did not help the stall at 88%)
    2) Keyboard inactivity–finally found a fix online to press and hold Fn and Caps lock for 10 seconds–that reactivated the keyboard–which worked to sign in and touch pad worked, but nothing else.
    3) GPS–seems it is not recognizable by MS Streets n Trips
    4) BIGGIE–my capacitive styluses (rubber and mesh tipped) will not work on this screen. No fix found yet–they work perfectly with another Windows 8.1 tablet we own. Can’t find out if it’s my unit only or all UB 15MS10’s???? Is it a setting or? Anyone have a problem with a generic capacitive stylus not working on this unit?

    • K Selby

      Yea, I’m experiencing problems with my stylus as well. Thinking that placing a screen protector MIGHT fix it, or at least make it functional. To Be Continued…..

    • Silver Rose

      I was gifted this tablet, without the keyboard, for Christmas and love it. I’m now trying to find a case with keyboard that will work with it. I do have the same issue with my styluses, though. I have three and none of them work with it.

      • SandyH

        I bought a keyboard for mine from amazon for $14.50. It works perfectly, the only complaint I have about it is the micro usb cord should be a little longer. The one I bought says currently unavailable, but just look for one that has micro usb and one that has the windows (logo) tab. As, far a the stylus, it seems to work on the left part of the screen but not on the right side. I don’t know WHAT is up with that.

  • mando

    I found the deal too intriguing to pass up. I bought one for $149 before the sale ended (now $199). Here are my notes so far:

    Stock Windows 8.1 + Office -> no bloatware!
    Office 365 installer is broken (MS issue) – big headache to install
    Decent display; color is a bit flat at low power; may need some minor calibration
    – typical for class, but not in the same league as MS Surface, iPad Retina, Galaxy S, etc.
    Faster “F” processor, 2GB RAM, GPS, metal back – vs. similar Asus and Toshiba items (T100, Encore 2)
    Battery life seems ho-hum, esp. compared to iPad
    Camera is mediocre compared to high-end competition (but fine for tablet purposes)
    – but there are two! unlike some competitors
    WiFi is limited to 72Mbps (fine for most mobile purposes)
    Does not require 2A charger (provided); 2A charger will charge faster, but may be warm
    – generic charger works ok
    Available space after installation of Office and other apps >16GB – not bad for a tablet
    No full-size USB port without the keyboard; need a USB OTG adapter (not included) to use micro USB
    – can’t charge and use USB port simultaneously
    Mobile headphones don’t work properly – sound is thin (need to push headset control buttons to “fix” sound)

  • Donald Sensing

    I did not know about this tablet until I saw it at Best Buy on Nov. 28 for $149. I bought the bare tablet because I already have an Asus 11.6-inch Win 8.1 notebook and figured a 10.1 unit with keyboard would be redundant. Understand that I have had the tablet only a few days, so this is a first-impressions review.

    Out of the box I saw 25GB of storage remaining, not bad I think. I have not yet activated the included full version (not trial) of MS Office 365 because I don’t anticipate using the tablet for real work. You get several months to activate Office before it expires so I may as well wait as long as I can since the license in an annual rental for a year; why start the year until I need to?

    The unit is not super light. I have a first-generation Toshiba Thrive which is quite heavy for a tablet. The Unbranded one is certainly lighter, but not as airy as some of the new Samsungs. However, it does have an aluminum back, which is nice.

    Overall build quality seems very high. The screen is sharp, bright and clear. The OS really is Win 8.1; I have loaded desktop-version software on it without a hiccup. In desktop mode (close to Win 7 UI) it works exactly like a desktop computer with the same file management features and multi-tasking.

    My only “con” so far is that the on-off switch, in the upper-left side, is easy to brush with a finder whilst holding the unit and suddenly it just turns off. But that’s minor.

    Battery life seems excellent so far, but I have not timed it. A number of hours at least. I also paired it with my BT Android keyboard I use for the Thrive without problems, although of course the Windows-specific keys aren’t there. Sound quality is much better than the Toshiba, too.

    ISTM that this is either a clone of the Asus T100-series tablet or the actual same thing off the same line, just rebranded (or “unbranded”). I bought it after inquiring closely about the store’s return policy because I frankly wasn’t expecting I would like it enough to keep it. But I am certainly keeping it and think it is definitely more than worth what I paid for it.

    • Ran Joo Choi

      Nice review. By the way, I am struggling to open the micro sd slot. It is really tight! How did you manage to open it?

      • Donald Sensing

        With your fingernail, pry open the plastic cover from on top of the Micro-SD slot. It pops off. Then slide the SD card into the slot and press as far as it will go without over-forcing it. Then let go. The card should be properly seated. To remove it, press down and let go. The card should pop part way out, then take it out the rest of the way.

        The card will fit the slot only if it is oriented the right way, so if it seems difficult to slide it is, change the orientation then try again.

  • Justin Wiles

    Seems like an interesting tablet, I may consider having some sort of on the go internet plan for like $10 see how much of the data t hat I would burn through. I know I can stream games to it from my PC off of Steam. Planning on getting a Micro USB to Female USB jack so I can plug in a Xbox 360 controller to it and also getting the gadgets so I can hook it up to a TV :). Haven’t played with the audio jack yet but probably driver issues if it has static.

  • shash

    I’m having issues with the headphone jack. When you plug it in all the way the sound becomes distorted. You have to play with it until the sounds becomes okay on both sides!

  • Scott Crosler

    Bought one too. I am love with it for the price. Would like to find a nice fitted case for it instead of the generic ones though. Screen is a tiny bit grainy compared to my high res Android Tablets but overall… This is a KILLER deal! I took back my Dell Venue 8 Pro, saved $50.00 and got, IMHO, a better device.

    • msmilwaukee54

      Loved your comments on the tablet which I have as well. I can’t seem to find a hard cover for it. The only one that fits is a thin foam one. Do you have any suggestions? Please email me @ Thank you! Happy Holidays!

  • Jess

    Bought one this morning from best buy for 149$. So far I am impressed! Came with office 365 personal which didn’t load completely on the tablet but loaded on my window desktop fine, so that was a 69$ bonus. Netflix works great and. I loaded libra office on the tablet with no problem. Sound sorta sucks but that’s what headphones or external speakers ar for. Very responsive display.

  • Thomas Morfeld

    purchased one at Best buy and my wife loves it. I am the geek in the house and appreciate the specs. No limitations on the micro Sd as is common on cheaper machines. We also have windows phones so it’s a natural fit and all is well 😊. Know more 6 months from now. $200 including keyboard which has USB 3.0 support

  • Meowmix

    Where is the review?