Review of Vizio 65-inch D650i-B2 LED HDTV with specs

By Peter Chubb - Nov 13, 2014

We hope you are not sick reading about TVs, as we have another model for you, this time the Vizio 65-inch D650i-B2 LED HDTV. You will be surprised at the quality of this model when you consider this brand is not in the league as the likes of Samsung, Sony or Panasonic. Having said that, Vizio has been upping its game over the past year or two to make TVs with decent specs more affordable.

Owners of this TV have been saying what they thought of this TV by sending in their thoughts, and if we were to offer a review score it would be pretty high. We can fully understand why that is, seeing as though this 65″ VIZIO LED 1080p Smart HDTV comes with some impressive features, which we will now discuss.

Vizio’s D650i-B2 Television comes with Full-Array LED backlight technology, which helps to distribute LEDS across the entire panel for superb uniformity of light, which in turn means superb picture performance. There are also 6 Active LED Zones along for an unparalleled picture contrast, and to make certain blacks are deep and the overall picture quality is crystal-clear.

Vizio 65-inch D650i-B2 LED HDTV

As you would expect, the TV comes with 1080p at Full HD, although it is the 120Hz refresh rate that appeals to us more with this model because it means the screen can refresh at a fast rate when watching fast moving content. The Ambient Light Sensor makes viewing this TV in different light settings far easier, as you do not have to continually adjust picture settings yourself.

Vizio 65-inch D650i-B2

Some of the other main features are built-in WiFi, DTS Studio Sound, VIZIO Internet Apps Plus and so much more, all of which can be found in this PDF.

If you are considering this TV, then you may wish to know the measurements to make certain it will fit in your home are 57.62″ x 36.17″ x 13.05″ with stand and 57.62″ x 33.64″ x 3.63″ without. Keep an eye out for this TV at the end of the month, as you are sure to find a bargain. Visio also has the E650i-A2 for you to consider.

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  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    I just bought this TV but in a 65 inch and I absolutely love it. It has a crisp clear and a fabulous picture!! I would recommend this TV to anyone for the price. I mean come on it’s a BIG TV with smart features as well and internet features as well all for a very reasonable price!!!

    • Anastasia

      Can you please help me with picture quality? I am not please with my settings. Thanks