Review of Mach Speed JLab Pro-7 8GB tablet specs

By Alan Ng - Apr 10, 2015

There are plenty of budget tablets to choose from if you are looking for a cheap tablet this month. We now wanted to take a look at a review of JLab Android 7-inch tablet specs and see how good the specs are for the inevitably low asking price.

This has become a real niche category away from the glamour of the Nexus 7, as manufacturers try to tempt consumers away with prices that most simply couldn’t turn down.

The downside to this of course is that the specs aren’t always very good, so more often than not you will be sacrificing a lot of performance after picking up that bargain device.

The good news, is that the Mach Speed JLab Pro-7, 7″ 8GB Tablet specs are not bad at all. It features 8GB storage memory as mentioned, with MicroSD support up to 32GB if needed.


There is also a 1024 x 600 resolution on the 7-inch display screen, with a dual-core Cortex A7 1.2GHz Processor and 512MB RAM powering the device – which isn’t great, but definitely ok for casual use.

We can see that there is no rear camera on the Mach Speed JLab Pro-7 tablet, but there is a 0.3MP front facing camera so you can still use apps such as Skype without any issue.

Probably the strongest feature of this tablet, is that it runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat which is impressive on just 512MB of RAM.

As this is a brand new tablet out on the market, there are no JLab Android 8GB 7″ Tablet reviews just yet. However, we have a feeling that this tablet is going to be very popular this month due to some incredible sales so you may want to keep your eye out for one.

What are your thoughts on the specs – is 512MB of RAM a deal breaker for you when it comes to choosing a new tablet, or can you survive on this?

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  • Chris

    Im trying to set up 2 of these for my brothers 2 kids. 1 seems to work beautifully surfs the web rather quickly, plays videos, does everything. The other connected to google play once and thats it. It will connect to any website what so ever. I can use any function except google play, the main reason they were bought. Surfing the net seeing if anyone else had this problem and apparently they have. I would have to say that even for the cheap price it aint worth it because it seems to me that the odds are you will get one that wont work the way its supposed to.

  • Audrey

    I am really not all that impressed. Front facing camera freezes the tablet, rather than working like it is supposed to, the Wi-Fi is very slow (even with high speed connection), Netflix is very slow, and the battery drains RAPIDLY EVEN WHEN IT IS CONNECTED TO THE CHARGER!!! Oh, I should also mention that it is impossible to watch YouTube or ANY video for that matter..

  • Morgan

    So far I like the tablet. However, the battery seems to die rather quickly. I unplugged the tablet, went to work and went to use it during my lunch break. When I looked at the battery level, it was at 43% having not turned it on at all prior to.

  • Robert Torres

    I’ve had the JLab Pro-7 for a few days. It is ok, but the processor via Wi-Fi is S-L-O-W…constantly exiting whatever app you’re running dumping you back to the home screen. Also, it is an obvious Google device…just try to install the Yahoo email app; good luck with that!

    • Robert Torres

      Follow up. The JLab Pro-7 Tablet is just 1 step up from the 1960’s Etch-a-Sketch! A tablet of notebook paper with a number 2 pencil is better technology. Every…and I mean EVERY app crashes every 3 or 4 minutes. This was a $50.00 waste of time.

  • Dakota

    I cannot get the google play store to work on any f the 4 tablets I bought today. They are all the JLAB pro 7 tabs. Can someone please help?

    • yukonzach

      It looks like the tablet doesn’t register everything already installed, in the Play Store. I had to search for apps already installed and “update” them. After that they showed up in the “My Apps” section. I had to do this for EVERY app already installed.

    • Venkatesh Ramasamy

      Just set the Date and time properly in the settings. Google play won’t work if the device has different date/time than current.

  • Bree

    I just purchased this item at Staples and have just one question. It doesn’t say WI/FI on any of the info like other tablets advertise. I am assuming we can connect to our local network but want to make sure. My son only wants to play a few games on the bus with a tablet so I hope this will meet his needs. Thank you for any response.

    • Audrey

      Yes, you can connect to your Wi-Fi router

  • Dennis Leppin

    The low RAM on this isn’t going to prevent you from running most apps, but with these budget devices there is a serious question of how many programs you can load. A lot of programs load into the main memeory and will not allow to be moved to the rest of the storage, which acts as a virtual SDcard. So pretty soon you are out of memory and can’t load new programs or even update programs from the Play Store without deleting the program first, which is a PITA. If you just want to run a dozen or so programs then this is not a problem, but don’t think you can go along and load up 8GB of stuff on this except documents, movies, pics, music etc. – that stuff can go in the 8 Gb.

    • yukonzach

      I also discovered the inability of moving apps to the SD card. Which confuses me greatly. Why would this option not even exist when you have less than 5GB of install space on the internal memory. I have already found a couple of apps that won’t even install because of ‘lack of memory space’. I am seriously thinking about rooting this thing and puting the Nexus 7 4.4.4 ROM on it. But I am afraid of bricking it.

  • Dharmik Kash Mehta

    I bought a 7” RCA 7 Voyager for $29. It has a 1 GB DDR Ram & a Quad Core processor and 1.4 GHZ. I also bought a 7″ JLAB PRO-7 for $39.99. It has a 512 DDR3 Ram & a allwinner Boxchip A23 Dual Core Cortex A7 and 1.2 GHZ Processor. Which one should I keep? Which one provides more”bang for the buck?”