Jensen CD-560 AM/FM Radio Boombox specs in review

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2014

If you are looking for a new audio solution which is perfect on the go, we have a great heads-up now for you with one product. We now bring you a Jensen CD-560 AM/FM Radio Boombox review of specs, letting you see what this portable little audio box is capable of when gathering with friends.

Boombox products are always fun but you may have a difficult decision deciding which one is right for you. Design is obviously a very important factor as you won’t want to carry a brick around with you everywhere so take a look at what you think of the Jensen CD-530 outlook.

Jensen CD-560 AM/FM Radio Boombox specs include a fully functioning multi CD player on the go. It also has the option of AM/FM radio channels and support for CD, CD-DA, CD-R and CD-RW discs.

More importantly, this Boombox has Bluetooth 2.1 support, meaning that you can connect your iPhone or Android device directly to the 1.5 watt speakers to listen to your own personal collection.


Bluetooth range will be active up to 33 feet, while you can also see from our images here that the CD track number and other buttons are highlighted with stylish blue LED effects.

When not on charge, the Black Jensen AM/FM Radio Boombox with LED Display CD-560 will use 8 Type “C” batteries to operate, so bear that in mind too. Overall, it’s a nice little unit and you may want to keep an eye open for any bargains this month if you are interested.

For further information you can check out some Jensen CD-560 AM/FM Radio Boombox reviews here over at Amazon to see what other consumers have thought after buying.

Is this something that would look good in your arms? Let us know your thoughts on this below.

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  • Karen

    I bought this product in December 2015 and could not play the radio without a lot of static. I tried a cd for the first time two days ago and the CD player did not work. The store would not exchange it or refund my money. I called Jensen customer service and was told they only guarantee for 90 days and I would have to pay a fee of $30 to fix a $40 stereo. I will never buy a Jensen again since it seems they do not stand behind their product.

  • Randy

    I bought this product in order to send out music to a remote wireless speaker, however, it seems as though this product is intended to receive from other sources, versus send out a signal. Is this true?
    I have been unable to get it to pair with a Harman/Kardon speaker, with Bluetooth capability. Could you please advise.

    Note: in order to prevent my e-mail address from filling up, please do not add my e-mail to your mailing list. Thank you for your response and your respect.