Xur search starts November 14 to 16

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 15, 2015

The topic of focus today is the new Destiny Xur location that gamers will search for on Friday November 14, 2014. He will remain in his place this week until Sunday 16th and not only will it be quick for players to find him from tomorrow morning, but we will also post the new gear and other exotic items for sale within this article.

We are sure most of you know all about the search for a new Destiny Xur location starting each Friday and of course the weapons, armor, and other items for sale by the Agent of the Nine. These are always traded with a certain amount of strange coins and Mote of Light, but exactly what will be on offer is being debated right now with players naming the items needed this weekend.


The trade players want this week will be a personal one and this might be an exotic Sniper Rifle you missed out on before, like the Ice Breaker, or a select exotic helmet you really want to see for sale when the new Destiny Xur location is revealed on November 14. The start time will be 9AM UK BST and 1AM/2AM PST, so if this time passes and you see where Xur is in Destiny then leave a comment below.

We posted this article today like we do each week in preparation for finding the location and while Bungie will change where to find the Agent of the Nine each week, newbies will find details on this page within the next day. Look for a large gathering of players tomorrow if you want to look yourself, and of course share the items you desire to see with other readers.

What do you think Xur will sell in Destiny this week and what do you really need? The new items and location will be detailed in a video on this page once the location is revealed, so you can be sure Product Reviews readers will be one of the first to find out.

Personally, we still really want that Ice Breaker Sniper Rifle for sale again and desire a nice exotic helmet. What items do you want? Leave comments below with your wish list for this weekend.

Update: Here is where you can find him today and the full list of items.

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  • xtownzx

    never really used a hand cannon before and im even a lv 30 hunter. Should I pick this up or no??

  • Master

    He is selling The Last Word!!!:O and Void Vesment. Helmet engram as well.

  • xtownzx

    Weapons is the last word

  • Darkwindsolo

    And goods are crap

  • Darkwindsolo

    North tower opp speakers path

    • caleb anderson


  • Coshi

    Xur in near speaker area

  • Dan

    Xur is next to the speaker.

  • xtownzx

    i personally use praedyth’s revenge over ice breaker.

    • Fran

      Oh really? Why is that? I have Ice Breaker at max as well as Praedyth’s Revenge. Ice Breaker has given me a plus on the weekly nightfall solo from last week. Without it I wouldn’t made it happen. So what is your insight of PR’s sniper rifle?

  • Broy

    1 minute

  • Niccaplease

    Xur is located in my anus

    • digglr

      Been there. That place is nice.

  • Joey_Dangerous

    Just checked. .Nada

    • shutup_bitch

      just wait u dumbass.

  • VaJJ

    I think Xur shows up exactly when the bounty guy refreshes the stock. I cold be wrong though, does anyone know for sure?

  • jen

    Chill your ass, he will be, here in 3-4 hours

  • fred

    no xur anywhere yet

  • f_u

    xur you scumbag where are you!?

  • the_dude

    Why doesn’t he show up already? 😀

  • Sidmod

    Really would like to get ice breaker…

  • James Moore

    Would really like ice breaker helps out a lot on lv 28 night strikes. #hyperalaskan Xbox one

  • federvonbock

    I agree, I am really hoping cur sells exotic helm for Titan, as soon as I max It out my Titan is lvl 30. Plus I have been waiting 3 weeks

  • Avery Francis

    Does he have an exotic auto riffle? Really need one

  • Syroblade

    Havent you guys noticed?he seels in an order of primary special heavy.this week is primary,so we can only get red death,suros,last word,mida,or hard light,unless im missing one.(in other words,im buying whatever weapon hes got.)

    • Firefox365

      Universal Remote..

  • Johnson Nguyen

    I’ve breaker

  • Hunter

    G- horn and the other warlock helm not the veil

  • Jamie

    Sunbreakers 🙂

  • jzeus2

    Gjallahorn, ice breaker, or

  • Elijah

    Suros regime

  • Firefox365

    Last Word, Hard Light or Gjallahorn or even Plan C since it I don’t have it and I don’t have a good fusion rifle.

    • Tembargo

      The vex mythoclast is not bad

      • Firefox365

        Well obviously, but I don’t have it yet so the next best thing that can be sold by Xur is Plan C. And let’s face it Vex Mythoclast is a glorified scout rifle, good but not what I mean by fusion rifle. I also forgot to add to the list of Xurs guns that I want is Universal Remote.. Or even thunderlord.

  • Drewsky

    Last word

  • Joe Smith

    Icebreaker or the last word please

  • anotherguy

    If no Vex Mythoclast then I’m in need of a Fusion Rifle … or “Ascendent Materials synthesis pack”

    • Jimmy

      Xur will never sell the mythoclast it’s a reward for the hard raid

  • guy

    i need the Arcus Regime the auto rifle

    • Firefox365

      You do realize that was the Dev name for it… Its Called the Suros Regime.

    • tembargo

      It was sold already two times so please no more 😮

  • guy

    i need an exotic primary

  • CP

    I’m still sour over missing the Icebreaker the first go round. I was one Strange Coin short the entire time that Xur was there. Couldn’t manage to get one more coin the WHOLE time, then I log in Sunday afternoon and I open a random chest and get one… -_-

  • Jerry Lane

    need Icebreaker…missed out without enough coins last pass through

  • Hunter

    Seems he’s cycling between the weapon types so we’re probably due for a primary this week. Hoping for a MIDA Multi-Tool.

    • Judas

      Just picked that up from a cryptarch reward!

  • Lewis

    I missed something before from Xur and I know some people hate things returning, but I’m sorry I need just that to happen this week.

    • Tembargo

      If you’re talking about Gjallahorn then +10000 !

  • Billy

    I so want another exotic sniper rifle, please deliver Xur…I will be looking in Destiny for you first thing in the morning, let the countdown begin.

    • Dre

      Primary Gun Please

      • Elijah

        Yeah like the suros regime 😀

    • Firefox365

      Where were you for the Icebreaker and Time and Patience…