RCA Pro 10 Tablet review of specs with manual

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2014

We have spoken in detail about the popular RCA 7-inch tablet before, now it is time to switch our attention to RCA’s largest tablet. With this in mind, we can now offer you a RCA Pro 10 Tablet review of specs to give you a heads-up on whether the larger display size is worth a purchase or not.

We already know that the the RCA brand of tablets are very popular with consumers, largely due to the fact that you can often pick them up with a significant discount lower than that of the retail price.

If you are looking to upgrade to a 10-inch tablet, you will want to know what this model is capable of. This Pro 10 tablet actually comes with a Keyboard Folio Case included, doubling up as a ‘smart case’ as well which is very handy.

Other RCA Pro10 specs include a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a 1024×600 display resolution and 16GB of internal memory. There is also the option of MicroSD storage on board, which is essential as 16GB of memory will not be enough for most.


Cameras are also included on the RCA Pro 10 tablet specs list, as there will be a 2MP camera on the rear and a 0.3MP front-facing camera. Battery life will last you around 6 hours, while there will be access to the Google Play Store too, just in case you were worried it would be left out.

We are happy to report that the RCA Pro 10 runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat and could be in line for an upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop next year.

If you are interested in buying one of these this year, you may be interested in reading some RCA Pro 10 Tablet reviews. We have picked out some very useful feedback over at Amazon here, where there are 18 user reviews from consumers who have already bought one.

Let us know your overall thoughts on this tablet and whether you have any observations about RCA as a tablet maker. Don’t forget to download the RCA Pro 10 tablet manual in PDF format here, it is extremely useful before making a decision to purchase.

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  • Franklin Reid

    I’ve had my RCA Pro 10 Viking pro for about 4 months. I write books and have 13 on Amazon and wanted a writing tool smaller and lighter than a laptop. I have been using an Android 4.0 tablet for several years for reading, research, posting comments on Facebook, etc. All these are text based not graphics. I tried several keyboards for it but they were too small for my fingers and I needed the higher speed of Android 6.

    I don’t care about the camera or the videos or movies, I do all that on my Dell desktop. I only wanted a writing tool for my books. I bought this latest RCA unit just for typing. I have had some trouble but changing to a different word processor fixed most of the problems.

    What I would like to know is the details, even hidden details of the keyboard use. The manual is useless as it tells nothing about this and there is no user guide available. I’m thinking of writing one. I have looked at several YouTube videos but only one addressed the keyboard. All others show how to remove the keyboard (throw it in a drawer?) and then how cool the tablet is with games and movies.

    RCA needs to do a better job of a complete and thorough user guide addressing everything about the unit.

  • Dell Cherry

    bought mine july 23 and it want turn on

  • Chris

    For all of you who have the problem where it will not turn on or show charging status I too had this problem and while sadly you will get nowhere dealing with the manufacturer TRY THIS, hold the volume down button and power botton at the same time and then release when you see activity on the screen.

  • Dail Daniel Ginevan Shaw

    sorry you guys all have problems. I have had mine since November and not had a problem with it yet. works fine does just what it is supposed to do when I want it to

  • PG

    I am not one to write any type of review for a product, especially if it is one that is negative, but this item deserves one. I purchased this tablet for my wife about two months ago only to have it die on her about one month later. I called Walmart’s Customer Service because I also purchase a two year warranty from them. They asked me try a few things to get it back operational but nothing worked. They then informed me that I should call RCA because I still have a one year warranty with them. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I purchased a two year warranty on something that Walmart knew was already covered by the manufacturer…….first rip-off! I called RCA to only for them to tell me that they will email me a return label within two to three weeks so I can ship it back to them (still haven’t received it)…….second rip-off. Not sure why it would take that long. I have vowed to never purchase any type of electronics from Walmart nor to ever spend my money on any of RCA’s product as well. It is sad that these two companies are not working their butts off to make this right with their customers.

    • Dail Daniel Ginevan Shaw

      the two year is in addition to the manufactures warranty. i have had several issues with warrantys after the manufacture one and no problem. call the number on the warranty card not wal mart. under 150 they refund your money over 150 they repair the product .

      • JP MORG

        Just a note for future reference. When you buy an extended warranty at Walmart the manufacturers warranty is used first. When it expires(usually 1 year) Walmart takes over. Walmarts warranty is usually better. Some manuf.;s make you pay shipping after first 90 days. Walmart never does. They usually don’t pro-rate items either. My TV died after 2.5 years. They said too expensive to fix. Kept broken one and they shipped me a new one for free.(actually a refurbished one which is what mine would have been considered
        if they fixed it) HERES THE TRICK-Buy refurbished items and extended warranty. Manuf. warranty lasts 90 days on refurbs. After that Walmarts better warranty takes over.

  • Ashley

    TERRIBLE! Do not waste your money. Quit charging and would not turn on after a few uses. I have been fighting with RCA for a refund, or replacement at the very least, for over 4 months and still do not have it. Their customer service is , in my opinion, worse than the tablet that only survived a few uses!

    • Chris

      Hold volume down button and power button at same time this solved my problem after I had already purchased a spare board

  • Elena Evans

    I cannot get front camera to work on pro 10 edition tablet please help

  • Diana Black

    I can’t download movies or tv shows from the google play store – it’s very frustrating I bought it so I could have movies and music downloaded on it for a plane trip I’m taking but it’s worthless bbecause it will NOT download …I bought it because it was cheap and never had a tablet before guess you get what you pay for – it’s horrible

  • Angry Grammy

    I bought two of these pieces of CRAP for my Grandchildren for Christmas 2014. My Granddaughter’s died two weeks later. Wouldn’t turn on, no juice to it. One month later my Grandson’s died. Same thing. Walmart would not take them back…. I would never buy and RCA product again and I will not buy and more electronics from Walmart… So disgusted with these purchases… Shame on YOU RCA…. You should have a RECALL on them….



    • not every one’s a piece of junk, you know. perhaps your cord went out?

  • NoRCA

    Do not buy this rca 10 inch tablet or therefore any RCA products. I bought one only to send it to RCA for repair after it broke 3 weeks after having it. The RCA india people told me to send it to a warehouse in NY, they did recieve it as I tracked it and now my tablet is no where to be found. RCA india people keep telling me they have no clue where it is and I google earth the warehouse it looks empty and unused. This is fraud and theft. Now someone has all my information off this tablet and god knows who. My life will probably be ruined over RCA. I will never see my tablet again so a I wasted money on top of paid someone to get all my personal information. I have reported this to better business bureo and if you have something like this going on if I where you I would do the same. They are selling americans out by giving these india people our tablets with our information on it.

  • Yvonne

    I have had the 10″ tablet since this past Christmas and I am very pleased with it. It is my first tablet, which was well priced at about $85 at walmart. I have no issues with it. Everything works as well as they should. It is no Samsung Galaxy but it’s great for the price and functions as well as needed. Where else can you get a 10″ tablet with a keyboard and nice case for under $100.00? I still don’t understand the difference between Kit Kat and Jelly Bean and right now it’s not important to me. Downloads are great, the camera is quite good and videos are crystal clear. I am very happy with this.

  • Truly frustrated

    I got my RCA 10″ THIS CHRISTIMAS 2014 for my kid. He hasn’t even used it much and it won’t turn back on. I have emailed the so called “help desk” on numerous occasions to no avail. This product is a rip off especially since you can’t even return it to the store you brought it from. This is absolutely absurd! When it is turned on the screen comes on and goes off again consistently!

  • ciara

    I got my rca tablet for christmas and my front camera won’t work what do I do

  • Joe

    Got my 10″ tablet for christmas, now its broke. screen turns white,gray,has lines running through it. tried to take back to wal mart. they will only exchange it because i dont have the box. anyone else having this trouble?

    • julio

      I’m having the same issue. I thought I was the only one with this issue. What could it be?

  • Kim

    Could anyone tell me why when I turned my tablet on, the screen went black and it won’t turn on? I just bought it a month ago

    • nelli

      I just encountered the same problem. Got this for Christmas. Turned it on today after using a few times prior with no problem, the RCA dog came on the screen, then the screen went black. I keep pressing the Power On button to no avail. I still have a black screen. I don’t know if the thing is on or off because the screen is BLACK. I have no idea what to do.

      • JOE


        • Steve from Texas

          Tried that ,no help ,

    • Steve from Texas

      Junk. Tried reset and reset with volume up button ,,, still dead ,,,,I’ll. Keep looking ,good luck ,

    • Chris

      Hold volume down and power button at same time until you have activity on the screen and then release both and do this plugged in

  • Chad Higgins

    I got one in my hands now! And its not 4.4 kit Kat! This is 4.2 jelly bean. Very fast though I must say. No lag. Excellent battery life also.

    • rusty

      4.2 is kitkat…

      • rusty

        Wait! Nope! My dumbassness took place and I thought you said 4.4.2 so sorry I was wrong.

  • Bern

    Can this be kid friendly???

  • DE

    Can I get access to Amazon on this tablet?

  • Gray

    Are you sure it runs on kit kat?

    • E

      I just received mine and was shocked to see that it was Kit Kat 4.4 and Not the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 that was advertised

      • Chad Higgins

        Got mine at Walmart one week ago and its 4.2 jelly bean. Will be returning it tomorrow!

        • Felix Baillargeon

          You must be slow

      • julio

        You must be stupid

    • tman

      I got mine for Christmas band it came with KitKat…. Go to setting and hit “about tablet” and hit firmware then click android version!

    • yeah. would have been nice if mine was on jellybean :c Hopefully lollipop lets users port apps to sd instead of wasting the entire storage.