Paypal login issue report users

By Alan Ng - Apr 23, 2015

Paypal is incredibly convenient when it comes to handing finances on the go. However, when Paypal is down that convenience suddenly can turn into a nightmare. At the moment, it looks like Paypal is not working, with the Paypal app login on iPhone specifically having problems.

It’s not the first time that Paypal has had problems of course, but it does look like a serious outage has occurred at the time of writing which could be affecting Paypal customers globally rather than a specific region.

Take a look at the Paypal error we received when trying to use the Paypal mobile app just minutes ago. As a result we are unable to access our Paypal account until this problem is fixed.


We’ve had a quick look to see if others are having problems and it looks like it is a major problem at the moment. Some of you have also received Paypal internal server errors, which is also stopping you from logging into Paypal completely.

Is Paypal down for you in UK, US and other parts of the world at the moment? There has been no statement from Paypal or the Ask Paypal help page. Let us know if you are suffering at the moment and we’ll update this when we have more information for you.

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  • Zisis Stylianos

    Down in greece

  • jon

    “peer unable to perform TLS handshake”-not onlyP.P.C./B.M.L.:Major global hacking.

  • Rose Red

    Down in the US

  • holyraider

    down from germany. In Apps and browser