Emerson 50-inch LF501EM5F TV review of specs with manual

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2014

We’re back with another TV recommendation for you now, only this time we are taking a look at one of Emerson’s TV models, another of the popular budget brands in the US. We have a full review of the Emerson 50-inch LF501EM5F 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV specs now, giving you an idea on if it is worth the purchase or not.

It is always a difficult decision when it comes to replacing the living room TV. It doesn’t always come down to money, as the right specs are important too and in today’s world you ideally want a television with a refresh rate that is greater than 60Hz.

Unfortuntely, the Emerson 50-inch LF501EM5F TV specs include 60Hz refresh rate. However, all other areas of the TV are positive points, such as full 1080p HD resolution, a contrast ratio of 20,000:1, a built-in digital TV tuner and 3 HDMI inputs.


There’s also USB support, JPEG picture viewing and the option of installing the 50″ Class LED HDTV on the wall with a bracket sold separately. As far as we’re aware, this is a brand new model from Emerson which is being sold exclusively by certain retailers.

As a result, a Emerson 50″ LF501EM5F LED TV review is missing. We have however discovered that this is essentially the Emerson LF501EM4F in disguise – another 50-inch LED TV from Emerson.

The Emerson LF501EM5F is not even listed on Emerson’s official website since it is so new, but the Emerson LF501EM4F is and it contains exactly the same dimensions and specs as the Emerson LF501EM5F detailed above.

It means that any information you want on this model can be found on here on Emerson’s website, which includes a Emerson 50-inch LF501EM5F manual download in PDF format – albeit disguised as the LF501EM4F remember.


We can show you exactly what the back of this television is going to look like, as we know that this is crucial for those of you who want to know which connections are included before any purchase.

Based on this Emerson 50-inch LF501EM5F review of specs, let us know your thoughts on this TV and if you are interested in picking one up this month. Have you spotted any special deals that we should know about?

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  • wga8888

    Does it have a digital converter built in? I plan on dropping verizon fios/cable and use my old antenna.

  • Rich

    Does it have Bluetooth to hook up to a sound bar

    • morningstar


  • Ric Hard Marsh Banks

    When trying to connect with MacBook “….this TV does not support the output format , video resolution and/or refresh rate being sent by the connected device” HELP

  • Yvonne Rankin

    Hi , i can’t get my tv to a full screen help…

  • Kathy Hillis

    I have a stupid question….My son put my tv on the wall. I just came across the stand and some bags with bolts and screws and stuff….does it belong with this tv? I don’t want to throw them away because I might be moving the tv to another room and have to use the stand. Did it come with all of this? I looked through the manual and didn’t see anything. I know that this isn’t that important but it drives me crazy not to have things that belong together, together..lol

    • HK Jaye

      I own this TV and it came ON a nice stand with all the hardware…I’d bet that is what you found! If you do not need or want it, you can sell it online, as many people buy TVs without and would LOVE to have the stands!

  • Capistranoboy

    Like many others on this thread, I purchased the tv on Thanksgiving evening for $200 at WalMart in Lake Charles. I haved had no problems, until, a couple of days ago, turned it off one evening, next day, no sound. Still has a great picture, just no sound. Have gone through all of the menu options, no sound!

    • Belinda Earp

      We are having the same problem. Were you able to figure out the problem?

  • Zeke

    Do NOT buy an emerson TV. There is a massive issue with the 50″
    LF501EM4F, and many people who bought these for either Christmas or Black friday ’14 are now having defective and broken TVs only 6 months later.

    Absolutely unacceptable, Do not buy this TV. Save your money.

    • Great TV For The Money

      I have had this TV From walmart on black friday 14… Over a year ago, watch it every day and have had absolutely 0 problems. Best $244 i have spent in my entire life

  • Gaurang Patel

    please support me

  • Gaurang Patel

    i have emerson 50″ tv but i buy new hd setup box but notice is
    this tv does not suport out put format vidio resolution & refresh rate sent by the connected device

  • ryan

    i have had mine since nov 27, 2014 and the screen just went out on it. any ideas on what it could be?

  • jeff

    How do u hook up security camaras with this tv

  • Babygirl

    Mine says 720p how do I get it to 1080p. I have uverse

  • Josh

    Ok maybe I’m just having a brain fart but where are the buttons on the TV itself? I find it hard to believe that the remote control is the only way to operate the TV

    • Rick

      the buttons are in the bottom rigth edge facing the back of the tv

  • Kenny

    If you have it connect to a computer disconnect it and see if that works

  • Jason Johnson

    I got this TV from Walmart during their black Friday sale. The tv worked great at first but now the picture is Upside Down. There were no changes in settings. I just turned it on today and found EVERYTHING is upside down. I have unplugged it for an hour, no change. I have gone through everything I can think of but no luck… Any ideas? I’ve already contacted Emerson Customer Support but they said it could be a couple of days for an answer. Super Bowl is in two days!

  • IFC

    An absolute steal for $218 on Black Friday.This tv has an excellent picture with some tweaking and the sound is far better than many flat screens if you adjust the eq settings.

  • dge

    Got mine from Black Friday at Walmart. Hooked it up right out of the box and it has a red dot in middle of screen. I called Emerson, they said it would take a few weeks for a service call, taking it back to Walmart, we bought the warranty thank goodness. It has a “Dead Pixel”, will see what Walmart does, hope they replace it with something better.

  • MO

    Guys, need some help…can’t get picture in 1080, set the TWC remote to 1080, but TV says 480…do I need to get a different HDMI cable? Thanks in advance

  • Pyoder

    I also have a black line running from the top to the bottom about 10 inches in from the right side if you are looking at the tv. Any suggestions?

  • dingo42

    Just Hooked This TV UpAnd None Of The Inputs Are Working. Help

  • Bobby Barrett

    These are garbage do some research. .

  • Sue Wiseman

    I am trying to find out if this tv is or can be made wifi compatible to get netflix

    • nerdlust

      Add a roku any other device that has netflix

  • Paige71

    I’m having trouble trying to hook up my stereo system to the Emerson. I have Direct Tv so that’s all set through the HDMI cable. Sound does come out of the television. But I’d like to have my surround sound system connected to it, as well. Could someone help me out? The plugs, first of all, don’t match up with my original plugs from my old vizio tv. Andy, I’m agree with you. Not many choices as to being able to plug in gaming system, stereo system, or anything else, unless a HDMi cable is the main connector.

    • Mark

      I got it to work finally with the 1 orange outlet on the right (digital coax?)

      • Melissa

        What kind of cable goes into the orange outlet? I have this TV too and can’t connect my new sound bar that has a digital optical cable.

        • Sassy Sara

          A audio cable $2.99 at Menards!

      • morningstar

        hmm my wall rack mounts cover the Orange input on back of the tv 🙁

    • LordMike

      The digital audio output uses SPDIF which is different from the true optical audio that most TV’s use nowadays. You will need a converter. Conversely, there is a headphone output which is really nice. You can use that to send analog signals to your surround system. I do not know if surround info will be sent there as well, but it might be worth a try!

      • morningstar

        nope just tried that. it makes a loud humming noise.

  • Fin

    Help just got the 50 inch and trying to hook up to existing uverse set up. I have sound coming from component??? What am I doing wrong?

    • LordMike

      Sound coming from component? I’m not sure what that even means. Can you elaborate?

      • Fin

        Sorry the TV. My husbands’ been working away getting this hooked up. Finally we have the TV working and the DVD. We tried hooking the sound bar and now the sound on the tv goes in and out, and we have interference on the DVD player!

  • Andy Schultz

    Is it just me, or are there not enough places in the back to plug in different sources at the same time? For example input from a Dish or DirecTv box, dvd player, gaming system, etc. It appears to me that there is only room for one, so if I want to change between them, I need to disconnect and put the next one in. Lots of HDMI, but right now I don’t have anything that needs to use that. I just took a cursory glance at it a little while ago after someone else already set it up, so perhaps I’m missing something.

    Regarding the picture quality, which people seem to be concerned about, it’s good, no issues. Sound quality isn’t amazing, but at the price we paid, I’m not worried about that.

  • Mark

    my unit arrived with a manufacturing defect on the left side of the screen that allowed the backlight to shine through. Some plastic yellow-clear tables were poking out the side too, which probably got caught in the wrong place and didn’t allow the screen to seat properly. And the screen appears a bit warped when it is black with no video being displayed. Enough reason to return. Shortly after starting to watch it, a couple dark lines appeared across the screen. 2nd reason to return. 3rd reason to return, I can’t figure out how to get sound to my home theater system from this tv; I don’t know if is because it doesn’t work, or it’s not designed to work like my last tv.

    • Mark

      ok, resolved the sound issue, but still returning for the other 2 reasons

      • Chad

        How did you get the sound to your home theater system?

        • Mark

          there were 3 plugs on the back of the tv , red white, a third on the right. I didn’t have the 3rd connected properly to the 1 connector on the back of my home theater. I think it’s the orange digital connector.

  • Tony

    Purchased mine about two weeks ago at a one hour sale Wal-Mart was running for $218!!! For that price..plus the 3 year warranty that I purchased for $27..I think it is fantastic! Sure…it doesn’t have the picture that my Samsung plasma has…but a great tv for my bedroom!

    • Tony

      Almost forgot..this review states that its only a 60 Hz refresh..when in reality. .its been upgraded from the previous model to a 120…great picture!

      • Brandon Cardinal

        Not really 120 hz. It’s just a marketing trick.

      • john

        Yep. According to the specifications in the manual, it’s only a 60HZ refresh rate. The 120 is a gimmicky “clear motion rate”.

  • Jesse

    I hooked every thing up the same way that I had on my old Samsung but my old sound system only had the red/white audio cables and the new tv had the orange. I bought an adapter thought that might work and it has not, any ideas?

  • traci

    I purchased this TV, love it so far. But I hooked up my Direct TV, Surround sound speakers and Apple TV. Apple TV is hooked up to HDMI. I get sound from my Direct TV channels through my surround sound but my apple TV only through the speakers on my TV and not through surround sound. Anyone know how to hook up the Apple TV to play Audio through surround sound speakers?

  • cale

    When i try to play a video from my usb flash drive it says “format not supported” what formats does it supports???

  • sandy

    I purchased one Thursday but received the ticket so do not actually have the TV. We currently have a 46″ Phillips that’s fine but cuts certain parts out. Now I’m wondering if I should keep this Emerson or return it. I was looking for a clear crisp picture. But so far from the reviews, I got the wrong television.

  • Shelly

    This is supposed to be 1080P, mine only shows 720P and I do have HD service from Uverse.

    • Shelly

      Figured it out, it was a uverse setting.

  • Jessica

    What do we have to do if i want to return it? Can i directly go to walmart and get it done?

  • Barrie Dunnuck

    I just got one on Thursday. I hooked up my Wii to the back A/V component jacks and the picture is black and white and grainy. Am I doing something wrong?

    • kyle

      Yup. Plug the video in the top av plug and the red and white wires in the bottom sound plugs.

  • Neeko

    I just purchased this TV and I can tell you the difference between the 5F and the 4F: The 5F DOES HAVE a 120hrtz refresh rate: the 4F is a 60hrtz.

    Now does anyone know if I can switch it in a menu to 60hrtz? I hate the “soap opera” look.

    • john

      Not true, it’s only a 60Hz refresh rate. Read the specifications in the manual.

      • jkj860

        The manual is from the older 4f model. It clearly states 120hz.

  • Kaylee Wilson

    Is there a power button on the tv or volume ? I feel kinda stupid but I cant find it

    • amy

      It is located in the back of the tv on right hand side

    • Valderrama Robert

      I got mine on Thursday I found the Bottons for power, volume and chage channel BUT they don’t work they’re are supposed to be touch screen but I guess am gonna take it back to the store.

      • gooderray

        no no no there are right bi hind the set u can reach them with your fingers at the bottom right

    • gooderray

      yes its on the bottom of TV be hide it but u can reach them with your hand just look close to the bottom right of the TV
      u will see what I am talking about

  • Jesse

    I bought one last night and have been waiting to read comments and find reviews on this tv and so for my searching has come up a little short. This has been the main source that I have found. So far I have not opened it yet waiting to see what happens hoping that I can just return it.

    • gooderray

      I just got mine and I think it is great as mine is working great and with the product car plan u can not go wrong

      • Jesse

        Ok thank you I went to walmart got get food and looked on the wall there saw it hooked up it looks good so will be re working my living room. thanks

  • mike

    I picked one up at walmart last night, has been working fine. Picture isnt quite as good as on my panasonic plasma 42, but for the price this is a great deal. I am using it as my pc monitor and for gaming so it works great for me.

  • Momof3boys

    I brought one last night came home let it warm up and it doesn’t work. Called Emerson and they said my warranty based on serial number is expired and I would have to pay to have it fixed. Needless to say I’m returning it to Walmart and getting something better.

    • Jessica

      we too want to return it back. Will walmart give our money back?

    • gooderray

      no just take it back to where u got it and they will do what they do

    • Brent Nobrega

      Wow! I hope mine doesnt stop working.

      • Tony

        Should’ve purchase the care plan for $27 (3year plan)..well worth it to avoid any unforseen headaches! Good luck!

  • rickjamesbiatch

    The t.v is great far as price. Just the picture could be a little better but other than that can’t complain..Especially the price

    • crawlmajor

      Picked one up last night also, the HD channels are ok but the analog channels are crap, grainey not clear, very dissipointed, you get what ya pay for, mines going back, will spend the money on a better one

  • Robert

    I just picked one up too.
    Walmart tonight.
    Any feedback from those who own the Emerson 50″?

    • gooderray

      yes I got mine and I think its great as I have a vizio 42″ its a lot better but I payed 800 for that one but other than that I think it is great

  • Cory

    I just bought one on Gray Thursday. I have not open it up yet. For those who have one is it worth keeping?

    • gooderray

      yes I think it is I have mine Thursday night and it work great

  • Nick

    I just bought 2 and was hoping for 120hz and the box states 120 motion rate.. What’s that mean..?

    • Game

      I was gonna say the box says 120hrz

      • decker

        it mean’s its not a real 120hz panel.. but there advertisement department wanted you to think it was if you didnt research it.

        • Neeko

          120hrz sucks. There IS a very noticeable difference and it looks great for games but horrrrrrrible for movies and TV. Haven’t opened mine yet. Still waiting to call Emerson and get some straight facts before I open it or return it to Walmart.

        • gooderray

          you do not know what u are talking about I have one and I know 120 and if it say 120 it is as it is against the law to print what its not

        • Neeko

          It’s ironic that you don’t know what you’re talking about. The Emerson brand does not say “120hrz” it says “120 Brilliant Motion Rate”. If consumers think those are the same thing then the Emerson marketing plot has won. And I study film for a living so yes, I know what I’m talking about with 120 soap opera looks currently killing movies. Do your research bro.

        • Brent Nobrega

          I agree with you neeko. I dont think I explained myself well enough in my post.

        • Brent Nobrega

          You obviously dont.

    • Brent Nobrega

      The tv has a 60hz (or frames per second) hardware processor. It then uses software to upconvert the rate to 120hz.

  • Alan

    Does this TV output 5.1 sound?

    • Jason

      Yes, but it uses Digital Audio (S/PDIF) rather than Digital Optical Audio and it doesn’t have Bluetooth. So, it’s going to be a little harder to find a sound bar that works with it.

  • giantslor

    But the TV has Clear Pix X2, which emulates 120Hz refresh rate.

  • Lynda

    WalMart 1 hr guarantee on Thursday 27th at 6 p.m.-7p.m. $218.00