Destiny servers down on Thursday for planned update

We have an important heads-up to bring Destiny players now. Bungie has just confirmed that the Destiny servers will go down on Thursday November 13 in a fresh bout of planned maintenance.

Bungie has been generous enough to give players an advance notice of this downtime, revealing on their blog what time the maintenance will start and also the reason why the servers are going offline.

Without further ado, you’ll need to make a note that Destiny servers will not be working on Thursday November 13 at 8am Pacific Time. This means 11am Eastern Time and 4pm for those of you in the UK.


Bungie has said that Destiny servers will be back up on Thursday at 12pm Pacific Time, meaning that there will be a maintenance window of four hours. The developer has already said that you won’t be able to connect to Destiny servers so you better find something else to do with your time.

The reason for the planned maintenance, is that Bungie are putting preparations in place for further updates, in other words the likely groundwork for the Dark Below DLC content which lands in December.

So there we have it. When Destiny goes down on PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow, you will now know the exact reason why so spread the word.



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