New GTA V update today demanded

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2014

If you ask the GTA community what day Tuesday November 11 is, most will turn around to you and say that it is the time for a new GTA V update today. Rockstar hasn’t given out any hints whatsoever though during their next-gen trailer reveal, but we are still expecting some activity considering it’s Veteran’s Day 2014 today.

We just told you hours ago that Rockstar had unleashed the GTA V launch trailer for PS4 and Xbox One. We also told you at the same time that we didn’t hear anything about Heists – the feature that has been in development for over a year.

Moving away from Heists though, players are expecting Rockstar to celebrate Veteran’s Day with some new GTA V DLC that will go live sometime on Tuesday. This could involve some brand new patriotic themed vehicles and weapons, or if Rockstar wants to go down the simple route – just some new clothes to wear for Veteran’s Day.


Basically put, something from Rockstar would be better than nothing. After all, Rockstar produced a shock when they decided against releasing Halloween DLC for GTA V.

After all the rumors regarding zombies and aliens in GTA V, we didn’t have any new content to play during the event which was disappointing. Rockstar can well and truly make up for that though with a GTA V 1.18 update today for Veteran’s Day.

Are you also expecting some movement from Rockstar today with regards to GTA V Army DLC? Let us know if you think we will see an update in the coming hours, or if you think Rockstar will disappoint again.

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  • SpeedSkater19

    When does it come out for Xbox 360

  • The Snitchfather

    Ok. Now i can say to a hundred percent that current gen just got ignored by rockstar. Its over with gta v on ps3 and xbox 360. No holiday dlc for halloween and no holiday dlc for veterans day, sh*t just got boring and gta is f*cking dead for me. They can go and f*ck themselves, im sick and tired of this sh*t with waiting for dlcs…if im honest, im glad its over, no more stressing around for dlc anymore.

  • Brandon Huston

    I only got the xbox one to play batman arkham knight. I completely forgot about GTA 5

  • Chris

    Ok, What people dont relize is there is no heists the xbox 360 and ps3 platforms is at its maximum capacity as far as dlc. I highly doubt we will get any more dlc as when next gen comes out the only thing rockstar is going to care about is getting all of our generation to switch to next gen and buy the new game. Sorry to say it but its true i have talked to a rockstar representative and that is what was told to me. So people stop looking and listening for a new update your wasting your time.

    • RedSx799

      Chris, I hate to be so blunt, but I have literally 0 reason to believe you talked to a Rockstar rep who said outright they “don’t care” about any subset of their audience.

      • The Snitchfather

        I can pretty much believe him, rockstar is about making money and not about giving f*cks about their customers. People always wanted new content added like ghetto style clothes, or a different body build to their character, but it never came….i think they just collected ideas for next gen and never gave two f*cks about current gen. Thats why no contect that the customers demanded were added. And heists was just a big bait for us all. Over a whole year we were playing gta and it never came.

        • RedSx799

          I’ve tried to advance my theory on heists in several places, because I think it’s accurate.

          In essence my theory is that they ran into issues with heists before they were released and have been trying to fix that and at the same time they’ve been improving it. Adding more features. And so on. After all if they released a broken product they’d be ripped.

          I realize a lot of people are seeing red over this but even if Rockstar cares about money above all, they still have to care about their customers. Because if they alienate their customers completely then guess what? They go bye bye. No customers = no money

          I’ve wanted story-mode/singleplayer DLC for GTA V since I watched Devin’s car roll off the cliff.

          And that was supposed to be coming in 2014. But I’m not flipping out over a game. I’ve found myself frustrated choosing between saving one car or the other because that garage property only holds 4 vehicles. I’ve wanted new safehouses for singleplayer. I’ve wanted story expansions.

          I don’t play GTA Online so the lack of heists (unless they were coming to singleplayer as well) hasn’t bothered me. I understand the irritation though. But I also get a sense of entitlement from pockets of the community that makes me crack up.

  • _alienware_

    Rockstar never promised anyone a Veterans Day DLC. For the last time: YOUTUBERS ARE NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE ABOUT GTAV UPDATES! The ONLY time you should expect an update is when Rockstar themselves says to expect one. I’m sick of all the ungrateful, spoiled brats that get mad at Rockstar for not giving them stuff no one ever promised them. Look at all the other FREE content you recieved! Today is a day to honor our veterans, not cry about not getting your oh-so important GTAV update. Grow up and quit crying… rant over.

    • bob

      I agree with this guy. Rockstar NEVER said there was going to be an update for veterans day or Halloween. You all need to quit complaining about these crappy updates. There’s never anything good in them anyways. rumors are lies made by these trolling youtubers. They are just trying to get views and followers for their crappy channels. You all need to quit listening to them, and only believe what rockstar says on the newswire.

  • Agb

    How about we stop worrying about a video game for a day, and pay some respects to our local veterans.

    • dr black

      take a wrinkly cucumber and shove it up your ass

  • Gyrox96

    The only reason I feel that rockstar didn’t update anything is because they probably didn’t have them on next gen versions. They don’t want to have to update them this closed to their release. If they would have been pre installed then they probably would have done them. Plus they were hard at work on Next gen editions. Gotta cut them some slack.

  • jacobi

    rockstar eats butt for that mann

  • jacobi

    hey if you are a true gamer add me on xbl XxRealBoiCobixX an rockstar is gay we were suppose to get the halloween update as well but thanks alot suckstar faggetclub but im a gamer an this is to all other gamers Gamers Nation United

  • Leo

    I don’t want to buy this game again especially for the full price and I don’t even own a next-gen console which is adding to the cost.

    • jacobi


    • cobaltghost88

      I only owe 5$ on it

  • Adam Matthew Arrand

    Thanks for nothing again rockstar played hours of titan of a job this weekend to celebrate veterans day not that it’s been remembrance weekend for us here in the UK I was really expecting a new dlc but you let us all down again please don’t forget the ppl who cannot afford the next gen consoles and game this my last week I play gta online and my xbox live account I’m gonna take up golf

  • loldude

    stupid R no update im not getting next gen prob

  • Gta5gamer73

    Still no dlc what so ever,don’t think it will drop today…really disappointing :(.

    • The Snitchfather

      Personally, i think rockstar lied about releasing dlcs for “all consoles”. You’ll see, once the next gen gta drops, rockstar wont give a f*ck about ps3 and xbox 360. And im done with this game if they wont release a veterans day dlc. Now im not that surprised if i see people who stopped playing gta v a long time ago…it was all a waste of f*cking time.

      • Gta5gamer73

        I totally agree…this sucks bigtime !

      • Tim

        I’d stop playing, but not out of protest….just from running out of things to do! I’ve probably spent several thousands of hours playing, discovered everything, done everything, driven everything, played with all the cheats… now I only turn it on to see if an update is out. I get the fact that they need to promote their new next-gen version, but right now their customer base is all PS3, and will continue to be so even after the next-gen is released…they shouldn’t be shifting their focus away from their largest customer-base.

        • The Snitchfather

          Rockstar couldnt give two flying f*cks about current gen…and thats why i dont give two flying f*cks about their game anymore. If no dlc arrives this week, ill rank my characters up to 240 and 160 and ill stop playing it.

        • Gta5gamer73

          I will stop playing too,what is the point of playing anyway if they don’t give us some new dlc’s at a regulair base.I’m bored out of my mind after grinding missions for over a year now and playing with friends in lobby’s.The promised Heist online dlc was never delivered for ps3 and xbox360…are they gonna do the same thing with next gen ?Lie about it,making big promises and then not delivering ?I was thinking of buying xbox one just for gta5 next gen,after Rockstar did not drop dlc for Halloween and Veterans Day i’m totally fed up with Them.Why should i spent a shitload of money on a new system and next gen if the company don’t give a rat’s ass about their customers in the first place….

        • The Snitchfather

          I think they waited to release heists for next gen in the first place, they probably never intended to drop them for current gen.

        • Martin Barwell

          Current gen is the Xbox one and ps4 360 and ps3 are past gen. Just saying

  • Tim

    A hint would’ve been nice. I made plans today, to have a couple friends over for a little “1.18 party”, where we have a row of TVs and PS3s in one room, and we all play online together… but that’s only IF the 1.18 update had come out. I was under the impression all updates were released (if at all), at 5am Eastern Time, so when 5am came and went, I started making plans to call off the party. Am I wrong about release times? I’ve never been on my PS3 at the exact moment a GTA update is released, and I never could find any info on it. Still, I find it odd there’s not even a single mention of Vets Day on the Newswire, so I’m hoping I’m wrong and an update for today could still be in the works. People love to jump on the “Honor Our Soldiers” bandwagon (not saying they don’t deserve it!) and all around the country, people, organizations, companies, all find some way to celebrate Vets Day… it just seems like the sort of thing Rockstar would go nuts celebrating! 🙂

    • The Snitchfather

      Current gen gta v just died from the moment the gay ass next gen version was announced. Forget that little party and play something else. This is the biggest bullsh*t ever.

      • Eric

        The snitchfather should go to hell next gen is so much better already pre ordered in October

        • no speakyengrish

          same here. pre ordered and cant wait for this puppy. 100 new songs which i hope are actually good this time hopefully like san andreas music. cant wait for the duke o death if its gonna be online

        • The Snitchfather

          Spoken from a true mainstream-gamer

  • Gta5gamer73

    I don’t aspect Rockstar to deliver new dlc today,their focus is all on november 18th and the next gen release.Think it’s not fair to all the ps3 and xbox360 players but that’s just the way it is.IF we get new dlc it wont be before next gen is released…although i hope i’m wrong :(.

    • Gta5gamer73