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Insignia NS-SB314 review with Bluetooth Soundbar specs

Many of the budget flat screen TVs on the market have one major issue and that is poor sound quality. This is a trade-off that people with less disposal income have to put up with, but there is a solution. There are some soundbar models out there with a cheap price tag, which when added on top of your TV purchase can still work out cheaper than going for a Samsung, Sony or Panasonic, such has the Insignia NS-SB314 Soundbar with Bluetooth.

If you go for this model you will get to enjoy stunning sound on what you decide to view on your TV. These products have started to become so popular of late for that very reason, and so you should really consider this before contemplating going for a more expensive TV.

Insignia NS-SB314 review with Bluetooth Soundbar

Main specs for this Insignia Soundbar – 39W total power output, which converts to 8W x 2 and 23W from the subwoofer, Bluetooth for streaming music from a Bluetooth compatible device, standard, home theater and news sound presets, one cable connection to your TV, wall-mounting template, and 3 digital signal sound fields.

Insignia NS-SB314 Bluetooth Soundbar

The measurements are 2-1/2″ high, 31-1/2″ wide, 3-1/2″ deep and weighs 4.6 pounds.

We have seen some great feedback for this Insignia soundbar over the past few months, with one of our readers saying how excellent the sound quality is considering its price and would recommend it to anyone. Another reader said how easy it was to setup, although a few people seem to have an echo issue when connecting it to their TV’s, although this does seem to be an isolated issue.

We would recommend connecting this soundbar to the Westinghouse 55-inch DWM55F1Y1 TV, as the sound on that model is not overly good, and will no doubt prove a very popular model at this time of year.



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