Digiland DL1010Q 10-inch tablet lacks reviews

By Peter Chubb - Nov 11, 2014

Some consumers are often put off when it comes to buying an Android tablet that they have hardly heard of, and if that model lacks any sort of reviews, which is the dilemma faced with potential DigiLand 10.1″ 16GB Black buyers. Don’t let the name put you off because if we were to always do that, then how many times would you have missed out on finding a budget device that comes with specs and features that defies its price?

The Digiland DL1010Q 10-inch tablet may lack in terms of reviews, but it does not in its specs. The main selling point is its 10.1″ TFT-LCD display with a resolution of 1024 x 600, 16:9 aspect ratio, 200 cd/m² brightness for crisp details, Android KitKat 4.4, 16GB of onboard storage, 1.3GHz MediaTek MTK8127 Cortex-A7 processor, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, 2-megapixel rear-facing camera and rear-facing and 0.3MP up front.

Digiland DL1010Q 10-inch tablet

We don’t seem to have any details on its RAM, although we assume it would be around 1-2GB. Other features include an FM tuner, Two 1W speakers, as well as Google Play, Gmail, Maps, Chrome, Google Music, Google Search pre-loaded apps.

There is not much else we can tell you about this Android tablet, but if you feel this is just a little too large for you, there is a 7-inch version from this brand, or there is also the Apollo 8-inch RCT6573W23.

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  • Name

    Awesome tablet I got this tablet a long time ago I’ve had it for over a couple of years (like 2014-2016) Unless you take good care of a tablet like this It can last you a while. And the only issues I’ve had with it is The memory it is a bit small amount of storage and it a bit fragile (so do be a bit careful) but other than that is is awesome!

  • rexxrock

    Worse tablet I have ever had DL1010Q freezes up and shuts down when I complained to company I was told to charge it more and now it want open I tapmthe icon to change page and the camera opens only thing its good for is a paper weight. And apparently the company doesn’t stand behind their products.

    • Cameron

      For the price it is a good tablet had mine for a year now and all is great. I mean for the price really what do you expect a Samsung.

      • Sheri

        For the price i expect one that does not turn its self off or that you can only hold 10 apps because they did not partition the storage correctly

  • Mark

    Mine is about 6 weeks old at this point in time. It’s loaded, it works well so far.
    My only complaint is that it seems to have a weak soundcard … I like my music loud and unlike my samsung 7″ tablet(which will blow your eardrums to smitherines), this thing just has a weak soundcard.

    Other than that … this tablet is a dream come true. For 99 bucks, it has everything!!! and it’s FAST.

  • Hazel

    Tablet sucks after a few weeks. It will freeze and shut down on you every second

    • Have you not went back to have it replaced or exchanged?

  • Dawn Campbell

    Oh come on people, this tablet is HORRIBLE!!!!! The picture, sound and speed are just garbage, don’t waste your money!

  • that_dude

    This is a great tablet no problems so far and I rooted it. Sweet!!!

  • Doug

    This is an excellent starter Tablet for someone who wants to experiment with the Android operating system. It’s working great for me. $70 at Best Buy is a great entry point.

    • Need2Root

      me too. seen so many sweet videos on this, the naysayers make me laugh. what other tabs have a video output, much less an sd card? connected 2 my projector -the thing’s a theatre. Bluetooth to the stereo & ur golden.

  • Rickinnocal

    Very impressed. $69.99 at Best Buy. A replacement for my two year old Le Pan 10″ tablet, which is starting to have battery life issues. I like the 16:9 screen format for watching movies, but, as Carebear below mentioned, it does make it hard to find a case. Both Nook and Kindle do a 16:9 format 7″ tablet, but this is the only 10″ I’ve seen with this wide a screen.
    I also like that it is compatible with the new large capacity MicroSD cards. I have a 64GB in, and it streams video from the card with no lag.

  • Carebear

    We bought this for our 12 year old daughter. It is perfect and runs great. My only issue is cases. We can’t find a case for it ANYWHERE. I ordered two online that said they were specifically made for this item and neither one fit. We went to best buy and even the universal cases don’t fit.

    • Need2Root

      Got a cheap one at Walmart that fit. It has forgiving straps at the corners. $20 w/a stylus

  • Skillz

    Just bought this tablet for my 8 year old for Christmas from Best Buy. For the price of 70.00 was a great deal for a 10.1 screen with 16G. It does everything I would need it to. And having gotten the warranty plan on it, make me that much happier in case anything goes wrong with it. Can’t wait until she opens it on Christmas!!

  • Brian

    Just bought several of these of couple days ago for Christmas gifts at Best Buy and the price definitely felt like a steal. I don’t know about any issues yet but, it does seem to work pretty well so far, as I was able to watch a live 11 O’Clock Newscast and YouTube without issue. As for the RAM mentioned in the article, according to Best Buy, the 10.1 inch contains 2 GB. As for the 7 inch version, just to clarify since it was not brought up in the article, this only has 8 GB of internal storage space. That may seem like a lot to some people but, after the operating system and other factory features, you are really only looking at maybe 7 GB remaining. In terms of downloading/storing movies to watch on your tablet, 7 GB would only be about 10 movies, IF you have no other apps downloaded, like Facebook. Hopefully this helped someone make their decision but, as the article stated, for a price that low, especially currently being $69.99 at Best Buy, you will NEVER beat what this tablet has, unless maybe if you go to Walmart and, in that case, God help you!

  • Suhasini

    I brought this tablet recently.But screen got broken by chance.I am having lot of difficulty to find a store to replace the touch screen in INDIA.Any help would be appreciated.Please help.

    • Sam

      Search on eBay.I just replaced mine.

    • Cameron

      You can get new screens on amazon for like 14.00 and YouTube has directions on how to replace, its a very easy fix.

  • deedee

    Bought this tablet on the black Friday sale at best buy. Had to return it and exchange it because it kept freezing up. Otherwise its an OK tablet for use of browsing the internet. Not a lot of memory but is compatible with SD cards. I will be buying one as I’m wondering if that was the issue with freezing up. I had only downloaded Facebook and the clash of clans before it started freezing up.

  • StevieG


  • StevieG

    It’s not comparable with Adobe Flash Player. That’s a deal breaker. I’m returning it.

    • Dave Haynie

      Adobe dropped support for Flash several years ago on all mobile devices.

    • Rickinnocal

      *NO* newer tablet is compatible with flash.
      Adobe, in what may possibly be the single silliest move in their entire history decided to drop support for mobile versions of Flash Player three years or so ago.