DigiLand 7-inch DL701Q Tablet review with quad-core specs

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2014

If you are looking for the best budget tablet to buy in 2014, one serious contender has to be the DigiLand 7-inch 8GB Black tablet. It is available for a low price this month, but more importantly the DigiLand 7-inch DL701Q Tablet specs are impressive too and almost comparable to popular high-street brands.

Usually, when we look for budget tablets we are not expecting to see a quad-core processor included. At the very most, dual-core is usually the favorable spec among retailers and manufacturers.

However, the DigiLand 7-inch tablet is unique in the fact that not only is it available for a cut price, it comes with a quad-core 1.3Ghz Mediatek processor as well which is fantastic.


Other DigiLand 7-inch DL701Q Tablet specs include a less impressive 512MB of RAM, 8GB of storage space and MicroSD support for the option of expanding memory.

There’s also ARM Mali 450 MP4 graphics on board to handle most apps on the Google Play Store, while you’ll be pleased to hear that the DigiLand 8GB 7″ tablet specs also include a 2MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera as well.

As the icing on the cake, this tablet ships with Android 4.4 Kitkat, which is very good news considering that it could support a Android 5.0 Lollipop update in the future.


Taking these specs into account, we would say that this is one of the best budget tablets available on the market right now, so don’t wait around if you spot a bargain this month.

Those looking for a DigiLand 7-inch DL701Q Tablet review can find a selection of user reviews here, which give you an exact opinion from those who have already purchased one.


Are you familiar with the Digiland brand as a tablet maker? Let us know if you have spotted any offers for this particular model and if you are interested in picking one up this month.

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  • Vickie Currin

    This product is a piece of junk!!! It freezes up and shuts down FREQUENTLY!! I’m not a violent or destructive person, but I want to throw this thing out the window just to watch it smash into a thousand pieces!!! Never NEVER again will I spend a dime on anything with this name on it.😱

  • Bec

    Battery drains quickly on my sons DL701Q tablet. It seems to charge quickly also and then within 2hrs it shuts off. Any ideas for me to try

  • Syn

    My Digiland tablet has no Bluetooth, nor am I able to use the full 8gb let alone transfer apps to the 32 GB SD card that I purchased with it.
    My Virgin Mobile Awe android phone with 2gb holds more apps with a 4gb SD card. Why do they make android devices that claim to use up to 32gb SD without giving you the ability to use it?

    • John_JP

      Some of the 8gb is used by the OS & apps. Delete apps you don’t need or use. Even some newer androids require the SD card be formatted in FAT32. Beware odd branded SD cards may not function properly in some devices.

  • Godspawn

    Just so you know the 7-inch DL701Q I bought has blue tooth and Wi-Fi it also plays mkv video which was surprising to me.

  • Digiguy

    Does anyone had tried the tv remote control app on this tab? im looking if it dos have an IR Reader.?

  • Digiguy

    reset is on a lil hole in the back tht reads reset!

    • Fearafter Thought

      The inquisitor most likely lacked any pre installed reading software with the necessary “Comprehension Service Pack 1” or update1.234 “Interpolation of Actionable Directives and Step Format Solution Application.”

  • que

    9 years Son Xmas gift pass word wrong how do you reset

  • JosyS

    How would one set up the tablet to their wireless internet? I need directions. Someone help.

  • Sad Customer

    The screen on the tablet is glass and it cracks easily. On the 27th Nov the pre-black friday sale I purchased a 7 and 10″ tablet at Best Buy. Both screen since then have split down the middle not to mention I opened the 10″ on yesterday the 9th Dec, 2014. As for the 7″ my husband had that one so I’m not entirely sure as to what happened and why the screen cracked. I took both tablets to a nearby computer store before taking them to best buy and the techs said that once the screen is cracked the tablets can no longer be used. The crazy thing is that I do not know what I did with my receipt so I’m left with 2 broken screen protection on both but no receipt and unable to change, fix or use the tablet.

    • randomhelper

      If you purchased protection they can look it up by name, phone number, email, or even by the card used. You should be able to get a replacement friend 😀😀

  • xray vizhen

    I would be very careful of ALL the specs published. The specs clearly state there is a GPS. There is NO GPS in this unit. No telling what other inaccuracies there are. I’m returning mine.

    • John Owen

      There is most certainly GPS on this unit, you just have to enable it in the settings. Also the GPS works flawlessly with Copilot offline maps.

  • Stephanie Biddle

    just picked one up for my son and i’m looking for a case for it. I can’t find one that is compatible with both cameras?? anyone else have any luck?

  • Cheapskater

    RCA tablet in Walmart for $29, same specs but with 1gb ram.

  • Jake

    Could you confirm if this only has 512MB of RAM?
    I cannot find the RAM listed on specifications of the sites selling it.

  • Dewed

    I just ordered one for $49.99. I didn’t want to mess with Black Friday chaos lol. Hope it works half decent. Also, I didn’t want to risk them selling out.

  • Tamara

    I found it at Best Buy, for $39.99 (Black Friday Ad). I plan to pick up 5 of them

    • xray vizhen

      Careful…the $39 version does not have Bluetooth or a GPS. That’s the difference between the DL701Q & the 700. If either are important to you pay attention to the model# you’re looking at. Don’t ask the guys in the blue shirts either. They know nothing.

      • Mike

        does any body know if it work on 2G/3G network

        • timothy godfrey

          no cellular option on a 49 dollar tablet!