COD Advanced Warfare service is not available

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2014

We were playing a round of COD Advanced Warfare today, but were suddenly stopped in our tracks by what we assumed was an incoming update. Players are waiting for the next update to land, but at the moment all we can see is “Call of Duty Advanced Warfare service is not available” messages on our screen.

This is obviously the general message that you will get when COD Advanced Warfare servers are down and hopefully this latest message is because a new upcoming is coming.

We already told you here that COD Advanced Warfare update 1.05 is coming next, with Sledgehammer already revealing a list of potential features that could make it into the update.


While it will obviously be fantastic if a new update is scheduled for Tuesday, it could also be a false alarm as we’ve seen in the past.

As we wait for details to be released from Sledgehammer, let us know your status on COD Advanced Warfare multiplayer at the moment. Have you been disconnected from play at any moment, or have you had an uninterrupted session?

This won’t be the first time that we see the message here either, so let us know your thoughts on the reliability of Activision’s servers. Do we need to see COD Advanced Warfare dedicated servers as a priority?

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  • Superman

    I agree I play on PC and I’ve had this msg pop up on me since day 1 and still haven’t been able to experience the game first hand. Probably the last COD I purchase.

  • 432

    Lagging and freezing – it’s refund time if they don’t get this fixed fast. The few people who are not affected are getting a great lead on everyone else. Probably the last COD I’ll buy.

  • GreenCatNine

    This game is junk with out dedicated servers! I waste more time in the lobbies and trying to get in on live then playing this laggy game. I buy it each year because I love the genre and hope they figure it out. But this may be my last purchase from Activision.