Assassin’s Creed Unity Framerate problems at launch

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2014

Earlier on we showed you how beautiful Assassin’s Creed Unity looked when output in 4K resolution on PC. Now, we switch our attention to something not quite as beautiful, as there are overwhelming reports coming in that Assassin’s Creed Unity framerate problems on PS4 and Xbox One are ruining Ubisoft’s launch day.

The game has only just managed to get out of the door, but some are already finding problems with the game. Ubisoft has already confirmed that Assassin’s Creed Unity runs at 1080p and 30FPS, but gamers are already finding out that Unity’s framerate isn’t locked at 30FPS and can dip well below that in some instances.

We have one video to show you as evidence, suggesting that it is not just a coincidence and that there is indeed a problem. Hopefully it is something that Ubisoft can fix with a simple Assassin’s Creed patch update to fix these lag problems.


It could just be a simple issue which Ubisoft can fix instantly rather than a major problem involving more time to fix. There are plenty of people complaining about it on Twitter though and there’s also an entire thread dedicated to this on Neogaf.

If the game is dropping below 20FPS, obviously something is not right. We are glad that gamers are sharing their problems so quickly though, as it means that Ubisoft can get to work before launching the game in other regions at the end of the week.

What is your status with the game at the moment – are you seeing Assassin’s Creed Unity framerate drops on Xbox One, PS4 and PC or not?

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  • Silentwolf

    The recent update wont let me play my game at all says it needs a update for ps4

  • Niall Porreca

    I have a pretty high-end PC, can run BF4, Civilization beyond earth at ultra settings. I can’t even run this game on low without tremendious lag.

  • Rubisoft

    As I said in the previous article, they have put ALL their effort into the PC version. The PC runs at a constant 60FPS and 4kp, whereas BOTH consoles run at far less than the promised lame 30FPS at 900p. They have saved me around AUD160 as I was going to buy the collectror’s edition (I like the statue). I may have to cancel my FarCry4 pre-order too (and that hurts because I like the look of that collector’s edition too (again, the statue). I assume the only version they optimised was the PC version of Far Cry 4, too. All their lies will be exposed when a PS4 first party title blows these crap titles out of the water.
    But, I would ask what console players were expecting other than a poor PC port. Ubi SAID the PC was the lead platform – and then said they will be keeping the consoles at lowest common denominator levels due to “console parity.” This hurts Xboners and PS4 users as the PS4 has better GPU and the Xbone slightly better CPU. Therefore, to keep them even, they have to dial back the CPU work on the Xbone to the PS4 and dial back the GPU work on the PS4 to the Xbone. That is, the “worst of both worlds” if you like. Neither version was the best it could be on either platform – apart from their favourite – the PC.
    I do not have a problem with them favouring PC, but I would advise console players not to buy their game. But PC players can have a ball – and for FREE. It remians to be be seen whether they can turn a profit if ONLY PC version are sold – especially considering how much PC piracy there is with mainly SP games. I guess we’ll see in time. Here’s hoping it is a monumental failure.

  • HerveS94

    why i’m i not surprised ubishit