Assassin’s Creed Unity 1.02, 1.3.0 update for PS4, PC fixes

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2014

We told you hours ago that there were some early problems with Assassin’s Creed Unity regarding framerate. Now we can bring you an update on the situation as Ubisoft has since launched new updates on PS4 and PC.

An Assassin’s Creed Unity Day One update should be available for you on all platforms. Specifically, a Assassin’s Creed Unity 1.01 PS4 update and also a 1.2.0 update for PC players.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Ubisoft has introduced a wealth of bug fixes to the game which should make your experience a more pleasurable one if you have been having issues since launch.


However, we can also see that many players are still complaining about issues on social media, so we look ahead to the inevitable Assassin’s Creed Unity 1.02 update on PS4 and the ACU 1.3.0 PC update which Ubisoft will already be working on as we speak.

On the PC version, many players are still unhappy with certain issues, with two threads on the official forums citing a broken Assassin’s Creed Unity cover system and also problems with Assassin’s Creed Unity SLI.

Console owners on the other hand are not happy either. Many gamers are still talking about persistent framerate issues that need another patch from Ubisoft and there’s some Xbox One owners who say that their game has crashed at certain moments in the game.

On the subject of crashes, we did see that Ubisoft has issued multiple fixes in this area, according to the Assassin’s Creed Unity PS4 1.01 patch notes seen here. The latest Assassins’ Creed Unity PC 1.2.0 patch notes are included below and also cite a fix for frequent Assassin’s Creed Unity crashes in campaign and co-op.

Latest PC update 1.2.0 notes

Fixed crash when accepting invitation in specific cases
Added NVIDIA technologies descriptions in advanced graphics page
Improved performance in cinematic on low HW configurations
Fixed various Graphic issues
Fixed various Input issues
Fixed various Multi-GPU issues
Fixed various UI issues
Fixed various Uplay Invitations issues

Taking all of the issues into account and the updates which Ubisoft have already deployed, let us know what problems you are having in the game at the moment.

Did the Day One patch fix your problems, or are you still having a bad time with the game? We have a feeling that the next 1.02 update on PS4 and the 1.3.0 update on PC will not be far away, so let us know what fixes you need to see from Ubisoft next.

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  • Azeem Ashraf

    Please Try to add graphic settings for PC like Depth of Field / Draw Distance / Reflection Quality / Motion Blur….etc.would really help with the unstable Frame-rate..

  • Mattitn

    Ps4 with update 1.01 installed: still crashes ever 30 secs with error CE-34878-0.
    Unbelievable they launched this broken!

  • Silentwolf

    PS4 update for ACU wont let me play my game at all sayes it needs a update but i already updated it

    • Mike

      Same thing for me! Crashed while playing and no longer to play now. Great!

  • Messenger

    Why did ANYONE buy this on the PS4? We need to send a message to Ubi that gimping PS4 to make the same as Xbone versions is NOT cool. If they do not take a financial hit from such behaviour, then they will continue to gimp PS4 versions. I am a MASSIVE AC fan, but as I game only on the PS4, I will not be buying this. Same with Far Cry 4, whichis the same (to be fair both of those decisions were made at the same time a couple of years ago). If you want decent Ubi PS4 versions in future, you MUST boycott both ACU and FC4 on the PS4. Just torrent it on the PC if you must. That way, you’ll get the version that Ubi cares put the most effort into. I won’t be as I hate gaming on my PC.

    • xfatalxzero

      Hey the Xbox Runs with better frame rate than PS4. Also its the PS4 that gimped the Xbox. Xbox has a stronger CPU and for ACU they need a stronger CPU for AI. So PS4s weaker CPU causes for the lower frames. If PS4 cant hit that I could hit 1080 30fps with down to 15fps. Do some research before bitching. I hate the word fan boy but that is what you are.

      • Josh101

        No, the PS4 did not gimp the XboxOne. Resolution is GPU bound, not CPU bound. There is absolutely NO reason why the PS4 is at 900P in the first place. It’s a simple tick of the box that says “display at this resolution.” The PS4 could easily display this game at 1080P. They could have offloaded the AI to the GPU and freed up space on the CPU, but they chose not to. Coincidentally, Ubisoft released a chart explaining just this. Google “Ubisoft PS4 benchmark.” It will show that the PS4 beats the Xb1’s GPU in performance as much as double the performance.

      • Bill Norton

        Same thing happend with the xbox360…it had better processing power but never came close to squeezing the same quality like uncharted and last of us did of the system..

  • antoine flemming

    hmmm, haven’t gotten 1.2 yet for Steam version, PC