Samsung 75-inch UN75H6300 Vs UN75H6350 Smart TV review

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2014

A few days ago, we talked about one luxury TV to consider with the 55-inch Samsung UHD Curved model. Now, we look at two other Samsung models with a Samsung 75-inch UN75H6300 Vs UN75H6350 TV review.

We have seen that many of you are looking for a comparison of the two models, ahead of potential price discounts during the busy November sales. We can actually tell you though that there isn’t a comparison as such needed as the Samsung 75-inch 1080p Smart LED HDTV UN75H6300 and the Samsung 75-inch UN75H6350 are the exact same thing.

The model numbers differ due to retailers who are able to sell these models with their own price points by way of attracting consumers to their product as opposed to a rival listing.


With that aside though, this is another wonderful TV from Samsung with some fantastic specs. Focusing on the Samsung 75-inch UN75H6300 specs, we can see that this TV offers a 120Hz refresh rate with a 240 Clear Motion Rate.

It also features 4 HDMI ports, Smart TV functions, 3 USB port, 0.3-inch thin bezel width, Ethernet port and a built-in game mode. The Samsung 75-inch UN75H6300AFXZA specs are exactly the same as the Samsung UN75H6350AFXZA – so don’t be confused about the model numbers.

Samsung has also fitted a quad-core processor in both of these TVs, ensuring that multitasking and using various Smart TV apps will not decrease performance in any way.


Keep your eye open if you intend on getting either of these 75-inch models as we know that there will be some great offers around. We have picked out over 700 Samsung 75-inch UN75H6300 TV reviews for you to read through here over at Amazon from those who have already bought one.

It’s the best insight you need as often professional reviews may not tell the full story on whether a particular model is right for you. Remember that Amazon’s page lists the TV as the UN75H6350, but they are the exact same model.

Does this series of TV from Samsung appeal to you this month as you contemplate buying a new TV? Give us your thoughts below.

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  • jkpofhou

    Two days to Christmas and Sam’s price is $2250. Guess I’ll wait til after Christmas and waitg to at least get to $1968. I also need the 4 year warranty from Sam’s since my last Samsung tv lasted just about a year – when I found that there was damage on the lower right corner that must have been done at the factory in Mexico. Samsung simply said “physical damage” and they turned their backs and walked away. Numerous attempts going up the Samsung ladder were met with the same I don’t care, “physical damage” mantra. It worked right out of the box and it never occurred to me to scour the unit for any possible damage. Then it started acting up and finally just died. My bad, but mostly Samsung’s bad for packing and selling a damaged unit, then not owning up to it.


    Thanks! This really helped. We bought ours (6300) from Sam’s ($1,968.00 – Plus $99.00 for 3 years protection plan and 1 extra year for Plus members) instead of (6350) from Best Buy ($1,999.99 – Plus $229.99 for 2 years protection plan)

    • Jeff Hogancamp

      Protection plan wont cover Screen damage. So it isn’t worth while. as parts are readily available on ebay for these models at a much cheaper price.If your screen gets damaged you may as well buy a new tv. The screen is more than the tv costs retail. that’s before you have someone put it in. add that and you would be really in the hole. Wish they would sell a warranty that would cover the entire tv screen included..

  • mani

    Thanks just bought one and was disappointed to see it was 6300 until I read your article that made me feel so good

    • mani

      Now I can enjoy it fully not thinking I should have bought 6350 :). thanks so Much

  • JML2112

    Thanks, was confused, ordered the 6300 from costco and was worried that is was not as good as the 6350 for same price from BB

  • aaronwoo

    Thank you for the clarification as I could not find this information on the Samsung site. They are bothy sell for about the same price at Costco ($1,969.99 after the discount) and Best Buy ($1,999.99 after the discount) as of today.

    • NgTurbo

      No problems, thanks for the kind comment. Are you heading down to buy one of these beasts?