Halo 5 multiplayer countdown to HaloFest

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2014

We have a quick heads-up to bring you, as we are just hours away from the Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer beta gameplay reveal. It is taking place as part of Halofest 2014 and you’ll be pleased to hear that a Halofest live stream has already been confirmed.

For those that don’t know when it will be, we can bring you the details now. IGN will be the place to watch the action, with the Halofest start time at 8pm Pacific Time on Monday November 10 and 11pm for those on Eastern.

For our Halo 5 fans in the UK, that means that you will be able to start watching at 4am – so be prepared for an early wake-up if you want to watch the very first footage of Halo 5 multiplayer gameplay – officially that is.


We already told you earlier on today that Halo 5 leaks had happened, with some gameplay slipping out ahead of schedule. Fortunately though, the leak was of such bad quality that nobody missed a thing and there will still be great anticipation ahead of Monday’s event.

How excited are you to see the first glimpse of Halo 5 running in realtime with a eSports live match? Will you be disappointed if Halo 5 ADS really is confirmed for the game?

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  • blzzy_gie

    Can’t wait, alarm set.