PSN down without maintenance warning say users

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2014

We were not expecting PSN maintenance today on November 9 or 10 depending on where you are, but it looks like the PSN is down again with some unexpected problems. We’ve tried to log into the service, but PSN is not working with a NW-31194-8 error message.

As far as we’re aware, we haven’t seen this new error code on PS4 before. Whether that suggests that Sony has encountered a new problem we’re not sure, but either way PSN is down for PS4 and PS3 users at the moment.

It’s not an ideal time to be down either, with many users hoping to get a last COD Advanced Warfare or Destiny session in before resuming Monday’s activities.


When trying to use PSN at the moment, are greeted with the following message: ‘The connection to the server has been lost’. We’ve also seen a few other PS4 error code CE-35287-5 as well which is a different code, so it varies and doesn’t always display the same error.

There has been no heads-up from Sony prior to this surprise PS4 downtime, so hopefully they will be working on a fix as we speak and you can get back to gaming soon.

Is PSN down and not working in your area at the moment? Give us your current status.

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  • Edgar

    It doesnt work for me as well, geting error code of 80710092. And im so upsed, just finiahed my work i tought will be plyayng GTA V on mu new TV but here you go, all night spoiled … Hope PSN will work on it asap as i seen previous coment on twiter #PSN sayng servers is working and we ne to restart our routers and PS’s but i did that 3 times no luck…!p

  • Justin Fencsak

    It was up yesterday morning and evening for me on ps3…have’nt played on ps4 in weeks…maybe my next ps4 game will be the new batman game as arkham city i like. So far PSN on ps4 is more like what PSN was on PS3 in the past when it was wonky. Can’t be said for xbox live or even nintendo network…this comes as the fight over Net Neutrality is at a peak today. Add me on psn, kascnef82.

  • Joseph Snodgrass

    Multi player sucks get it right single player owns all

  • KappinKanuK

    I don’t know where you guys connect from but I was on virtually all day long on the 9th. This article popped up on my tablet about 8hrs ago, just as I was logging off. Located in Calgary Alberta Canada

    • NgTurbo

      Hey there. We were connecting from UK and Asia.. PSN was definitely down for around 30 minutes or so.. perhaps you just got lucky 🙂