Xur end time, Nov 14 next

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 15, 2015

If there’s something you still want to purchase from Destiny’s Xur on Sunday, then you best hurry as the end time is near and if you don’t get there soon it means a wait until the Xur November 14 location in 5 days time. The end times can still confuse since clocks changed, but in the UK everything started at 9AM BST and as such this will also be when Xur cannot be found in Destiny today.

You should find Destiny Xur missing from around 4AM EST for those of you in this USA time zone, so just workout the difference for your part of the world. At the time of writing, this is only just over an hour away and that means by the time most of you read this he shouldn’t be in the game anymore.


There’s always so much anticipation leading up to finding Destiny’s Xur in his new location and what items the Agent of the Nine might be selling. This week the Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher was on sale, but some of Product Reviews readers wanted to see the Exotic Ice Breaker Sniper rifle instead.

What weapon would you like Destiny’s Xur to sell next week from November 14 in the new location? Now we look towards the wait for next Friday, we’d love to hear what some of you purchased this week and of course your desires for the items list next week? Leave a comment with the weapon you really want to see, any Exotic helmets, and other items that really need to be within the inventory on Nov 14.

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  • mobkingDC123 .

    I think last word because ive been noticing a frequent drop of that weapon lately i know my friends got it from nightfall and raid chest

  • stefanopollisstdyo

    suros, hardlight or red most def. ive been usin the invective as of late and im so tired of it ya dig

  • Luke


  • Rain

    Hoping for the Helm of Saint 14, or the Insurmountable skull front, for the gun I hope he has the Mida Multi Tool

  • daddyp

    suros/ icebreaker

  • Michael Farr

    the last word, and heart of praxic fire, the warlock has had the stupid warlock gauntlets more times than anything else, and i have been after the last word and praxic fire for over 2 months!

  • nick1018

    suros regime or hard light

  • E-wheels16

    It’s going to be a primary so I really would want THE LAST WORD

  • boss55

    Hard light

  • Lonnie Ots Siler

    Last word

  • Johnson Nguyen


  • Xtrooper30


  • Max Coupland

    I’m not that bothered if it is anything but the suros regime or ice breaker as I really want a suros but I will not have enough strange coins in time but I will have enough for an ice breaker . If it is ice breaker I will have to buy it as the guilt will be to much

  • Justin Fencsak

    I hope the ice breaker…it’s good against fire enemies. This weekend was the first time I saw Xur. He’s a great dealer.

    • stefanopollisstdyo

      yeah man hes got the good stuff and hell always get you your fix

  • Jason Brown

    Absolutely the ice breaker!! Has not been here in awhile and after over 400 hours played I’ve not seen it in a drop!!

  • kyle

    Suros regime

    • Johnson Nguyen

      Want the ice breaker

  • Schuster

    Exotic auto rifle, exotic hunter chest, exotic engram.

  • Zach Dolbeare


    • stefanopollisstdyo

      they had that weeks back, i want it

  • Liam

    I hope he sell the icebreaker, need that bad.

    • stefanopollisstdyo

      na icebreaker suck suros where its at. your opinion means nothing meaning you are a pathetic pig

  • javier

    I want him to sell an exotic titan helmet and maybe an exotic scout rifle?

    • stefanopollisstdyo

      lol exotic scout rifle, what a waste of a exotic. thats even a waste of a legendary you dumb jerk


        haha, amen