Destiny update for Raid matchmaking on PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2014

Since launch, Destiny developers Bungie have kept up their promise of frequent support, as players are spoilt for content when enjoying features as Destiny Xur, Iron Banner and Exotic weapons.

As we approach another week, we have seen Bungie provide an update on their website which informs the community of the next features that are in development for the next Destiny update.

However, we have seen that one requested feature is still not on that list – a Destiny update for Raid matchmaking on PS4 and Xbox One. It has been a big talking point since launch and we haven’t heard any fresh comment from Bungie since they confirmed that they were ‘considering’ it in the October 3 weekly update.


At the moment though, Bungie are prioritizing other features and we can tell you that they will include aspects involving Exotic weapons that are stronger and more interesting to upgrade, new gear to let you slip into something a little more Legendary and new shaders for gear.

Bungie has also revealed for the first time that a Destiny Cryptarch update may be on the way too to make the feature more generous than its current level.

Would you agree though that a status update on Raid matchmaking for Destiny is badly needed? We can see that everyone is still constantly talking about Raid matchmaking patches for Destiny on Twitter and nothing else.

Let us know your experience in the game at the moment and how high a priority you make Raid matchmaking, as opposed to other planned features from Bungie.

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  • Dominic

    Im looking to go on a raid. None of my friends play this game so its really hard to find someone to go onto a raid with. My PSN is Sofa2323. Ill raid with anyone willing too. so send me a friens requet or invite so we an get this done

  • UniqNwYrk

    I still can’t figure out why this issue tends to be so divisive among our generally stable and sensible community, but I’ve gotten into a number of arguments about it with well-intentioned raiders (mostly lvl 30’s) who maintain it’ll break the raid, even though I’ve completed it three times with randomers from the tower, many of whom were noobies. As far as I’m concerned, any time spent outside of the raid used to find people to raid with is time wasted because I don’t want or need to make new “friends” to take advantage of content I purchased outright.

    Of course matchmaking should be an option and I can feel that by enabling opt-in chat they are moving slowly in that direction, but I’m definitely not buying the DLC or any expansion until raid matchmaking happens because that is the only compelling content included and it’s unnecessarily prohibitive to deny the casual gamer access to it.

  • Karis Cottingham

    Im level 28 and feel like ive hit a bit of a wall. Got no friends ready to raid and dont want to join and enlist on forums. If thats how they wanted to play it they should of introduced forums to the tower so it can be done in game. Same with making clans. I wont be playing destiny again now until matchmaking for raids is sorted

    • Bronwyn Fraser

      I play on PS4 and my ID is graemee640 – if you’re on the platform add me and we can raid! I’m always after more guardians to shoot things with.

    • Gonzo

      For that reason, I stopped playing Destiny 🙁

  • peter baldwin

    I’ve got rid of Destiny now because of the lack of matchmaking. Because my friends are more into FIFA or COD, I don’t often have others online to play Destiny with. That leaves me with very few options for how to play the game.
    I can either play Cruicible or strikes. Strikes are capped at level 24 and are too easy now as I’m level 30. Crucible is ok but to be honest, there are better PvP FPS games.
    With matchmaking, I’d potentially even buy Destiny again because so much more of the game will be open for me to play but until that happens, I’m out.

  • Peter

    Ive really enjoyed playing Destiny and they have got MANY things right in making this game. However failure to address matchmaking is a monumental error by the developers. Not many of my friends have a ps4 so im going to have to invite random people anyway to do a raid. WHy not give me the feature to do that rather than forcing me to try and befriend strangers and then asking them to do a raid that they might not want to do. You have matchmaking for Strike missions which can be done solo, why not have then for raids which are impossible solo. Because of this I am yet to attempt the raids. And introducing new Shaders (colours for armour) is not even worth mentioning when you have such a huge barrier stopping players from playing the end game material.

  • Kevin Mole

    the cryptarch needs to be looked at definitely,it is to mean at the moment ,and why give purple care packages and when you open them they are all blue engrams destiny has lost a lot of players I have noticed to cod they need to be more generous with what they give out to keep players interested and they have to bring in trading otherwise destiny will fizzle out real quick.