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Microsoft Word for iPhone, iPad app now free download

It has been a long time waiting, but we finally have some great news for iPhone and iPad users now. You’ll be delighted to hear that Microsoft Word for iPhone and iPad apps are now available to download for free, without needing an Office 365 Subscription.

Previously the apps were available as read-only, but if you wanted to edit documents directly on the apps, Microsoft wanted you to pay for this functionality.

Now you won’t need to and it could be a massive game-changer for a lot of you. If you search the Apps Store now you should be able to see that individual apps are now available to download for free, not only Word but Excel and Powerpoint as well.


You still have an option to pay for the ‘full’ experience as Microsoft calls it with an Office 365 subscription, but the key factor is that editing is now free on the go.

The ability to edit documents on iPhone and iPad is going to be extremely useful, while Microsoft will hope that their generosity will convince some consumers to upgrade and still cough up for a subscription which costs $9.99 a month.

Another nice incentive if you do decide to pay is that Microsoft will throw in 1TB of online storage space for up to 5 users per subscription and also 60 minutes of Skype credit as well for International calls.

Try out the base version now though as it is free to download. Let us know how this changes your lifestyle and if using Microsoft Word on iPhone and iPad is a necessity for you.



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