GTA V 1.18 update in 3 days on Veterans Day?

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 8, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V 1.18 update could have been saved for Veterans Day 2014, especially considering it falls on Tuesday November 11. Product Reviews readers know how much Rockstar favor that day of the week and it would be ideal for the GTA V 1.18 update, although some of you might doubt the chance of this happening after the opportunity for Halloween zombie DLC was missed.

There’s no doubt that Rockstar has favored official United States holiday’s for their GTA V Online DLC, so the 1.18 update would be the best option for those that care about honoring people who’ve served within the US Armed Forces. This event would honor the day, but also offer the gamer a chance to play in multiplayer with army themed DLC.


We’d also like to point out that this day coincides with Remembrance Day, although that’s celebrated in the UK on the Sunday before November 11 and more like Memorial Day in the US. If Rockstar isn’t only focused on PS4, PC, and Xbox One content, then it stands to reason for some type of Veterans Day GTA Online DLC to take place this Tuesday.

Would you like to see the GTA V 1.18 update for Xbox 360 and PS3 next Tuesday? If so, what Veterans Day themed DLC would you like to see within the game? As always, we’ll be one of the first sites to report the content is live if this event takes place next week. You can also see how landscape graphics compare on current and previous generation systems in a recent video.

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    Not to disappoint anyone, but there is no DLC planned for Veteran’s Day. Rockstar normally confirms it’s patches the weekend before the release. No solid news as yet means its a no go.

    • Michael Nielson

      You’re right and wrong. Rockstar rarely confirms the DLC before the day it comes out. There is no DLC today tho.

  • hansjonjock

    R* are a bunch of con-artists
    1 year on and no hiests
    they are tight lipped about updates , they love the hype created by the rumour mongers
    the very least they could do it let players know when updates are coming , like every other game company .
    I dont think there is update on 11th , they still haven’t repaired all the issues from last update
    someone should ram a sticky bomb right up their tailpipe

    • Michael Nielson

      You do realize heists are just going to involve modes we have in the game now, right? It’s not going to be anything groundbreaking and new, other than some vehicles and guns maybe.

      Anyway, hardly any other game companies do what you say. You are clearly more of a fan of the video game media than you are of actual video games. Just playing the game and enjoy it. I’m over a year into GTA Online and am still having a blast. Even if you just played single player mode, you got your money’s worth. End of story.

      • Mike

        Oh well that explains it all. You’ve summed it all up for us and put us in our places. “Us” being the people who paid $70 dollars for a plastic disc which still doesn’t have the complete product we were told to expect. Thanks for your opinion. Sounds like YOU got your money’s worth. Not everyone agrees with you. Actually it seems like many people disagree. (Unfortunately they’ll still go buy the next generation versions instead showing Rockstar their frustration in a way that matters.) So why don’t you go along and play your game. End of story (dbag)
        Anyway, we should all be angry with this website and their baseless click bait. It’s ridiculous.

  • Dusty Spears

    As much as I’d love to see Vet’s Day DLC, I think Rockstar is leaving us high n’ dry until the new gen version arrives. That’s why they skipped Halloween DLC. Watch – for Vet’s Day, we’ll get another stupid event weekend with half off on the US theme clothes, some kinda’ Lester disscount, and some kind of Crate Drop shirts. No DLC ’til Nov. 18th or later.

    • Michael Nielson

      I wouldn’t be surprised if PS3/360 didn’t get any more free DLC and the only stuff added to it at this point was the new single player stuff in PS4/XB1 that was a pay DLC. They’ll continue to support it, but I doubt they will waste time trying to add more to those old, limited systems.

  • Lewis

    If the gat 5 1.18 update came next week with some sort of Veterans Day content, then this would make it up to me after the lack of Halloween DLC.

    • Michael Nielson


      You aren’t getting crap unless you get next gen system.

  • Billy

    I would love to see some Veterans Day DLC in GTA online, please Rockstar give us 1.18 at last.