Where is Xur in Destiny confirmed with items for today

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 8, 2015

Most of you will be wondering where is Xur in Destiny today on what will be week 9, and this information can finally be revealed after the Agent of the Nine showed up just a few minutes ago. The new Destiny Xur location for this week came right on time, which started at 2AM PST and 9AM in the UK, although the hours will continue as normal until the same time on Sunday, November 9th.

Destiny Xur location for November 7th – he’s in the Hangar again, and we have included a video below this article that shows you exactly where Xur is in Destiny today along with a very quick look at the new items list.


You can also see another video taking a more detailed look at Destiny Xur for Week 9 and his Exotic items on sale this week. These will include some items a few players have really wanted, and of course others will be disappointed again for another week.

The Destiny Xur week 9 Exotic items list – they include an Exotic Helmet Engram for 23 Motes of Light, the Truth Rocket Launcher for 17 Strange Coins, Sunbreakers Warlock Gauntlet for 13 Strange Coins, the Mask of the Third Man (Hunter Helm) for 13 Strange Coins, and finally a Crest of Alpha Lupi (Titan Chest) for just 13 Strange Coins.

Are you happy with the list of items this week and if you’re unhappy, then what did you want to see?

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  • DrSpaceman

    Icebreaker and helm of inmost light would have been nice. He was selling truth last week why not Hardlight! Or some thing’s we have not seen in a while like the knucklehead Radar.

    • Graeme Willy

      Better to just not rely on Xur and if he has something, he has something. Between Raiding, Nightfall Strikes and Weekly Heroics and random in-game rewards, you’d probably sooner get it randomly, then through Xur…and your chances are far better, via, randomly. Especially Raiding and Nightfalls. Nightfall always give you the equivalent of an Exotic, be it, 11 shards, a combination of shards and a purple or tons of strange coins and shards and/ or a purple etc. and Raids, well, your chances are pretty decent at getting an exotic, between all the chests and bosses.