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Fire HD 7 Vs 6 8GB tablet specs within review

The Amazon Fire HD 7 8GB tablet is being tagged the best value option on the official website and the specifications certainly hint at that possibility. Amazon also sell the Fire HD 6 8GB version, which is tagged the most powerful tablet for under $100 and again once you look at the specs most people would be happy to agree.

Today, we wanted to highlight both the Fire HD 7-inch and 6-inch versions thanks to a couple of hands-on review videos. These will not only detail all the main specs, but it will give newbies an opportunity to see what version would be best for them.


If you are shopping for a gift over the holiday season, then these Amazon tablets are perfect and especially if you want the cheaper 6-inch version. Those of you looking for something really nice, but also on a budget could just opt for the Fire HD 6 8GB tablet after watching either review.

Fire HD 7 Vs Fire HD 6 tablet specs – if you only care about the differences in specs, then we have included a comparison within the image below. In a nutshell, everything is the same apart from screen size, dimensions, weight, and of course the price.


The two videos we included below offer their insight from different perspectives. The first features an Amazon Fire HD 6 tablet review and walkthrough, then the second takes a look at the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch with another unboxing and review over almost 21-minutes.

Fire HD 7 / 6 tip for Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales in 2014 – this is just a quick note to inform Product Reviews readers that we’ve received a few tips in regard to deals for later on in November. We already knew there’s a strong chance of seeing such popular tablets given a price cut, although a few of our readers emailed us and said Meijer would sell the devices at a discount of around $20 off what Amazon currently sell them for. Again, this is just a rumor but one you might want to pay attention to.



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