COD: Advanced Warfare supply drop glitches exposed

There is definitely mixed responses from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players about supply drop glitches and other game bugs in general. Some don’t want the information spread, while others feel a need to tell all, so it becomes a big enough problem to grab developer attention with a patch.

Some glitches could go unpatched for ages, so this is why many in the gaming community aim to make the problem well known and force a developer fix to make COD Advanced Warfare the best game it can be for all.

One video doing just that has been uploaded to YouTube within the last 24 hours, which details an unlimited supply drops glitch within COD Advanced Warfare. It’s worth noting this won’t always work and can just lead to people getting killed, although there’s a number of people using it and causing upset for other players.


In a nutshell, it seems that Sledgehammer Games introduced some help to newbies in COD Advanced Warfare that die very quickly when game starts. It apparently increases the chance of you getting a supply drop if you die almost right away from when the online age starts. Take a look at the video below to learn more, and then share a comment with your thoughts on this and the need to patch it.

Do you think newbies should be given more Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare supply drops? some elements of a game would be designed and not glitches, although later a developer changes them thanks to people using these methods to gain an advantage.

We’d love to hear from Product Reviews readers about this protocolar problem and if you feel exposing glitches can only improve the game. Personally, we feel any issues with the supply drop should be pointed out so the developers can improve it to benefit everyone and not just a select few.



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