Yahoo confirm Mail down and engineers fixing

By Peter Chubb - Nov 6, 2014

Looks like Yahoo Mail is down again, and we can only imagine the anger users are feeling right now, especially as there was a Yahoo mail login not working not so long ago. Yahoo is aware of the issue and took to Twitter to put users minds at ease by informing them that engineers are aware and are fixing the issue.

It does seem like a few days does not go past when Yahoo Mail goes down for users, and so seeing people unable to login once again just adds insult to injury. Some of our readers have been in contact to say they have been able to login via their mobile devices, but once in it is very slow to load, and more often than not have to log out and in once again.

Yahoo confirm Mail down and engineers fixing

Many users have said they are seriously considering jumping ship and using a Yahoo Mail alternative, such as Gmail. In all the years I have used Gmail I have never had an issue logging in, and while it has had one or two problems in the past, it is a far more stable email service.

Yahoo Mail down

Some people have said they have been unable to receive emails all morning, which means they have been unable to login, just nothing comes through. Others have agreed by saying while they can login, the page will not load after that, and so are left with a blank page.

We have seen other tweets where one of them said day 4 nad still no emails, as there were sporadic login problems with Yahoo Mail just two days ago.

Is Yahoo Mail down for you once again, and if so how long do you keep going through with this until you consider an alternative?

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  • dnarich

    Actually, down YET AGAIN on 11/24 AM on the west coast. Horrible service, down 6+ times in past 30 days. DONE WITH YAHOO!!!

  • George

    It is working but o-h s-o s–l–o–w. Time to hitch my wagon to Gmail.

  • steve

    Hi Yahoo. I’m out. If you need me use my new gmail account.

  • Jerry

    Can’t believe it, how many times has Yahoo Mail been down over the past couple of months?

  • Doug

    It’s down yet again, think I will move to Gmail now.

  • Patt Queen

    Once again cannot access my Yahoo Mail on my PC. This is getting to be a daily issue. Very frustrating when looking for a job & expecting email correspondence.

  • Cam

    Won’t load on PC, Mobile seemed to work but is not sending my emails. Extremely frustrating seeing as I was responding to a job offer, and trying to contact rental companies to secure a place for the end of the month. Looks like I will be homeless and jobless. Thanks Yahoo!

  • Yahoo’d

    Mobile mail operating, but PC wont load email

  • finadog2000

    My e mail is frozen on the last one I opened and I can’t get out of it.
    How long is this going to last? It also won’t let me change my password. It doesn’t recognize me as being human I guess!!

  • Pissed off Yahoo mail user

    I can’t read my e-mails when I click on my messages. I can’t see my mail messages either sometime. e-mail is very basic. It should not be so difficult to read e-mail 🙁

  • watcher278

    Time to switch this is 2014, email isn’t some exotic thing. A multi-billion dollar company that can’t do email, what incompetence.

  • Yahoo Email not working

    5pm Chicago time, Yahoo email still not working correctly, keep getting Error code 4

  • threedevilshared .

    I can access my email, but some of my messages won’t open. Not sure if it’s related

  • Tim

    I haven’t been able to access my inbox or compose mail for over 2 hours now. What gives yahoo?

  • Nik

    I’ve been a loyal Yahoo mail user and premium subscriber for ever, but this is the 3rd workday I have lost due to mail not functioning. Plus, I still hate the new look. It’s cluttered and ugly. Customer service is a joke – I was promised if I paid to subscribe, I could get help. None — time to jump ship. I loath the idea of going to Gmail — but will if I have to. What else do you guys recommend?

  • Erik

    They should change their name to time Warner…….oh….what it’s working….and drops…….sorry….I meant sprint…..

  • northsounder

    I bit the dust earlier this year and ditched YaWho after close to 15 years, a lot of them as a paid user. After the issues with the upgrade last year, I was so disgusted it wasn’t worth sticking around. And now they want to charge users $50 a year to avoid a lot of the advertising? Mayer and Bonforte have ruined what was a perfectly acceptable email system. Gmail has it’s issues but not in the reliability category. I encourage all Yahoo users to get rid of Yahoo or just use it for a spam box. That is what my Yahoo address is used for. A giant spam mailbox.

    • Peter Johantgen

      Change is good. We lose money as they try to fix the problem. Ya hoo is just to big not to fail. Spamhoo on them……

      Yahoo is my new spam mail-box.

  • Dave R

    This is my first email address. I am sad to see it go. I have to switch I rely on my email for too much. Goodbye yahoo.

  • MuslimLuvChrist

    Y! mail on Mac Yosemite down hard, but is just fine on iPhone???

  • Twig

    I’m receiving emails but there is nowhere for me to reply to them other than composing a completely new email…I haven’t heard anybody else having this problem or is it just me?

  • Roger Kaputnik

    “We are aware of an issue that our engineers are working to quickly resolve.”

    If there was anybody working at Yahoo qualified to be called an engineer, there wouldn’t be an “issue” in the first place.

    • Dude

      7 days ago and they are still not there. All the good support went to gmail

  • John DC

    It works on my phone but I’m seriously considering switching to gmail.

  • dan luttrell

    It’s been down all day for me. It will try to load at times and then it won’t. Yahoo mail has been getting worse and worse over the past year or so. I think it may be time to leave after like 15 years.

  • InYoFace

    it’s working now….PSYCH!!! Of course it’s not but I got you. Still get “Our email system sucks and it’s taking forever to load please try again”

  • MoralRight

    Same thing. Seems it may be a mail,web server or database issue, as I to can log in, see the typical blue background that loads, but the database contents of my email, or its formating is not loading.

    • InYoFace

      No, it’s just a poor design issue.

      • Discusser43

        Or it’s been hacked big time and they are not telling us.

  • InYoFace

    Just remember the lead programmer that said we would never leave because it’s too much of a hassle for us. remember that!!!

  • M.R.

    Isn’t it amazing, that even when you cannot get into your email, all the advertising works just fine?

    • InYoFace

      absolutely. shows you where these do*che nozzles’ priorities are

  • Maysie

    Yes, ever since they did the big changeover a year or so ago, it’s been completely unreliable. Not being able to send them, not getting them, others not getting them when you thought they went through. I’ve slowly been switching everything over to gmail. I think I’ll have to complete that process for good now. It’s hard as I’ve had this e-mail address for close to 10 years.

    • InYoFace

      But has it been a pleasant ten years? HHHRRRRRMMMMM??? I think not!!!

    • dan luttrell

      I totally agree. It has been much worse since that change over.

    • Bisinger

      I had no issues with Yahoo! mail prior to the redesign. Both the web page and mobile app have issues constantly. Right now I can login and see my mail, but when I view a message the whole top nav portion of yahoo mail is off of the screen. It’s like I’ve scrolled too far, but there are no scroll bars available. This is just poor poor design from Yahoo. Very disappointed.

  • InYoFace

    even before this latest fiasco my email has been acting like a big whiney cry baby I have to constantly wait forever to get an email to open or to refresh, many times having to log out and back in. what a frustrating time-consuming pain. I can’t wait to ditch this POS

  • dnarich

    Yes, Yahoo mail down AGAIN in Seattle, business email account and personal. How the heck can they run a company like this. The delays in opening emails is so long that the browser quits trying – that is if it even gets to the mail page. Totally terrible performance Marissa Mayer!

    • Discusser43

      it’s a third rate company that has been hung on its own greed and incompetence. I am wondering if the email system has been hacked big time. Time for all to use a more reliable system.

  • InYoFace


  • InYoFace


    • Discusser43

      That’s such a cynical view of customers that all should abandon yahoo forever. Tough to change an email address but if the email doesn’t work what good is the address.

  • Al

    EVERY…………SINGLE……….I-u(KING ……….DAY. It will NEVER change, But HEY! I notice they have a fabulous FULL PAGE video ad now running upon every reload that consumes every ounce of processor strength just to load, well gee – thx Yahoo!…………………….. I’m SO GONE!!!!!!!

    • InYoFace

      hahaha I know. Ads work fine it’s just the fn email that doesn’t!

      • Al

        You think ISIS would be smart enough to GPS the headquarters at Yahoo and be precise with tactical aim?? Man, If I were one of these radicals – I could offer a boatload of brilliant ideas!

  • InYoFace

    worst email ever. this is the straw that broke this camel’s back. I’m OUT!! Idiots….

  • DoneWithYahoo

    I’ve had accounts with Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail for years the longest running being my hotmail account. I have experienced problems with all of them over the years but this is my 2nd day in a row with “Temporary Error: 17” and I’ve decided it’s time for my yahoo address to become a simple forward to my hotmail account. From now on my only use for yahoo will be the instant messenger.

  • mccs

    This is getting frustrating. The last few days it’s been particularly bad.

  • Discusser43

    Yahoo is a second rate product and has been for quite sometime. It’s undependable and is a security risk. The ads all seem to work just fine but that’s no reason to use yahoo. As far as I’m concerned for a long time it’s been run by a bunch of yahoos. The announcement that engineers have been working on the problem for some time suggests that their system is a total mess and that a reliable fix will be a long time coming. Good bye yahoo.

    • R.A. Stewart

      *Second* rate? You’re being too kind by two or three rates at least.

      • Discusser43

        Agreed and it may be approaching fourth rate.

  • david cain

    Funny, it’s working fine for all three of my accounts (including the paid ones).

    • Al

      Yeah, How long has Yahoo had you on the Public Relations/Marketing payroll you idiot savant?

      • InYoFace

        exactly. I have had nothing but problems for about 2 years now. It’s time to move on (and never look back).

  • hemi

    Not only is the Mail service useless lately the news article comment feature has been almost as useless and dysfunctional for at least 6 months now.

  • Napaktown

    I relegated Yahoo mail long ago to junk service. This is the email address I give to pages or promotions that ask for an email address. Still there are older accounts and services as well as those that have proven to be more than junk that require me to check Yahoo on a daily basis. So it would seem the time has come to go through all of those accounts and change my email address since it has become obvious that Yahoo is no longer reliable.

    • InYoFace

      spam mail repository! That’s a great idea!

    • Napaktown

      Another day where I can’t open mail and this time there is actually one I need to get to. Of course the ads are still working.

  • darrenmart

    Yahoo! has been a sentimental favorite of mine since the mid-90s, when it was my first home page. Even as other heavyweights have pushed Yahoo! toward irrelevancy I’ve tried to stick with them. But the mail issues have been going on for way too long and happening way too often. Enough is enough. I’m gone.

  • Jason Williams

    My yahoo mail has been difficult to get into for the last few days. Takes multiple tries to get in, and once in frequently can’t access messages for a time. Agree with others, need to use gmail now. Dependability is key for e-mail, needs to be available all the time, not just some of the time. Also, yahoo locked me out of my account when I was out of country because I was trying to log in from an unfamiliar IP address and I couldn’t remember the security info I gave them (not about to give them actual personal details about myself). But my gmail was no problem, they just asked me to confirm the last place I logged in from as a security check. Yahoo sucks so bad.

  • Stan

    It has been a tremendous time waster the past 2 days. Yahoo can’t figure out how to provide e-mail?

    • InYoFace


  • Dan

    Goodbye Yahoo. You totally screwed up big time. This will cost you BILLIONS is lost revenue. I am jumping ship to Gmail forever. You are losing about 1 million accounts a day. Sold all my Yahoo stock today as well.

  • Robin S Summertown

    After 14 years I may have to jump ship. Now what did I do with the password for gmail?

  • Don Jensen

    I have been having trouble for a couple days now. Like the article said, I can get my mail from my Android, though as a business that is certainly not my first choice.

  • Heretic

    Marissa Mayer turned Yahoo’s once capable email service into a frustrating, excruciatingly slow, capricious, substandard, often-non-operating pop-up ad. It’s a complete failure.

    • InYoFace


  • Disgruntled

    Yes, my Yahoo mail is down– But the new dynamic Yahoo Ford Mustang ads are up… Have to wonder whether the ad value is worth the frustration to those of us who will now be looking to move primary email to Gmail, or… You’d think they’d understand/ operate from the premise of ‘first do no harm.’

    • Mohammed

      Advise: AdBlock. 🙂

      • Robin S Summertown

        I raised the question with a friend a few weeks back on whether or not Yahoo is looking to get around AdBlock. I use it, love it but surprise, surprise I had one of their email ads pop up for a moment. That’s about the time things started getting hinky.

        • Mohammed

          Yep. AdBlock deletes those too, be it after circa 5 seconds.