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Opera Mini 9 update for iOS will save bandwidth

What sets the Opera Mini browser apart from others is how it has always been focused on using as little data as possible, and so it comes as no surprise that the Opera Mini 9 update for iOS will save on bandwidth even more. Opera understands that we are now watching far more videos on our mobile devices, what with YouTube and the funny videos people share on Facebook, and so better management for watching videos is top of its list.

Opera Mini Version 9.0.0 – The latest version of this browser comes with a new feature called Video Boost, which basically optimizes videos in order to save the amount of bandwidth it uses. This means load times will be reduced if using an iPhone or iPad

Opera Mini 9 update for iOS

This is the first time that video optimization has been built into a mobile browser, and so it is a big deal for Opera Mini 9, something we are sure they are already marketing in a huge way. Opera has made a bold claim that using this optimization could even replace apps like YouTube, although that is a huge claim.

To see what the fuss is about head over to iTunes and check out the new version of Opera Mini if you do not have the browser installed, or check your updates if you have the previous version



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