New Xur pursuit for November 7 to 9

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 15, 2015

Discussion heats up today for the new Destiny Xur location pursuit starting on Friday November 7, 2014. It won’t take long for the players to find him with gear that’s accessed over Saturday 8th, and also on Sunday 9th. Those of you that are new to Destiny might wonder what all the fuss is, although in a nutshell each Friday players look to see what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week that’s traded with strange coins and Mote of Light.

After the trade, the player will gain new exotic weapons and armor once they find the new Destiny Xur location for this weekend. If past appearances are everything to go by, then the start time is expected to be 2AM PST tomorrow and the event continues for a number of hours until 2AM on Sunday at the end time. This converts by timezone, so in the UK it should be 10AM now clocks have moved.

New Destiny Xur location pursuit

Bungie make sure the location is different each week, and this is why we posted this article today. Those new to the game get ready for the event and others can find this weeks new Destiny Xur location for November 7 once it’s found in just over 24 hours. If that time has past and we haven’t updated the page yet, then share exactly where he is in the comments.

What do you think Xur will sell this week and if the start time has past, where did you find him? We will also publish a video detailing all the new items and location the moment it’s revealed, although that’s easy to find when you see a large group of players together.


Items we have seen requested already include the Ice Breaker Sniper Rifle and certain exotic helmets, but what do you desire? Leave comments with the gear that’s really needed this week.

Update: He’s in the hangar again. You can see where here along with the list of items.

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  • JohnnyMitchell

    Agent is in the tower hanger right as you come down the stairs to the right!

  • Fran

    Stayed up until 2:00 a.m. this morning just to experience the 2nd week of let downs that Bungie gave Xur a lousy inventory sell. I made a small change from a negative situation to a positive one. Since I’m creating a Warlock build, I got the Skull of Dire Ahamkara & the Sunbreaker. But I can’t complain, before Xur was even in the picture, I did 8 Vanguard Tigers, Voila, no lie got the Gjallahorn! This was one of the 3 items I wanted next to getting the Monte Carlo or the Last Word. If I ever get any of those two I will be satisfied until 12/09.

  • Jacob

    I’m getting really tired of seeing that exact same things over and over again. I get more lucky landing exotics through gameplay then I do getting crap from Xur. I’ve been waiting for the Ice Breaker to come up for weeks now. Sense I can’t seem to earn the weapon in gameplay. Patience and Time is a good sniper, but I would like the Ice Breaker. Bungie needs to give a bigger variety for Xur like the mentors do. 1 weapon is not enough to choose from. nor is one armor per each class. It’s beggining to get old fast. I’m going to be tired of this game before the first expansion even gets here.

  • Kar900

    He’s in the hangar. Just to the right when you enter.

  • Ben


    • steelo85

      So, ANOTHER week i have to wait for my exotic warlock helm 🙁

      • Jj

        What all is he selling?

  • Bryan

    Where is him?

  • Marc Andrew Hooton

    Did Destiny not get this right or what?! I love how everyone get excited over what he’s gonna bring (Xur vs Farther Christmas) I love how everyone likes to guess and hope on what weapon or armour they’re gonna get. Well done Bungie you actually nailed something in this game!

    Myself? I’d like an exotic hand cannon so i can delete this horrible bounty! 🙂

  • SaudiShark

    Where is xur this week ?

    • Nickjess

      I cant find him either

      • reaper45693

        Aprox. 12 Minutes left till daily reset (which is when he shows up)

    • tropolite

      He’s on the right (just after the stairs when you normally would turn left) as you go toward the Vanguard Quartermaster

  • Binyam

    Vex Mythoclast. 😉

  • Ajwme

    Sell exotic chest armour and engrams

  • DaBoyd

    I’m praying for an exotic sniper or auto rifle

  • Aaron77

    I am looking for the helmet achlyophage symbiote!
    Missed it last time 🙁

  • Michael Timmons

    Can you sell hard light

  • Bill Bobson

    Hard Light

  • Spud

    sell icebreaker again i miss it last time

  • daveysith

    I need an exotic auto rifle.

  • joey schmoes

    Ice breaker. Must have ice breaker!

  • Graeme Willy

    For Christmas Xur should sell everything he has to offer, for a change lol

    • Marc Andrew Hooton

      yeah that’d be good. you still would only be able to buy so many…

  • Joe Smith

    The last word or icebreaker

  • ryan1211


  • krito kun


  • Flame_Knuckler


  • Wolfgang


  • Graeme Willy

    Damn it, I want the red death!

    • Rico Andrade

      Me too! And at least Heart of Praxic Fire..Warlocks need some decent sh#$ too!!

      • Graeme Willy

        haha I got my Heart of Praxic from an armor Engram, from Xur. I got it in the first decrypt attempt and since I had 86 mote at the time, I just bought a couple extra to see if I could get anything for my Titan that I would eventually create and I did, but I ended up salvaging the armor for shards for my lock LoL

        • thats bulls@#$

          Thats bulls@#t I brought the exotic engram off him looking to get a new glove for my hunter. the first two was the exact same piece for a titan and then the 3rd piece was for the warlock! its so random plus lvl 42 on the cryptarch.

  • Jsapp303

    Ice breaker or the last word plzzzzzz.

  • DeathShot010

    Icebreaker, The Last Word, Hawkmoon

    • Blink Sensei

      Hawkmoon is a playstiin exclusive he won’t sell it

      • Blink Sensei


  • cyriss

    heart of the praxic fire and the third man hwlmet.

  • Pk

    The Last Word.

  • Anon

    I’m jonesing for either Hard Light, The Last Word, or Icebreaker.

  • BuckshotGeorge

    Gjallerhorn please. Oh please let it be Gjallerhorn.

  • Lewis

    I make it just over 25 hours to go until Xur’s new location is found, really looking forward to this week as I have a lot more time to play this weekend. This will make up for what I though would be a good weekend before and servers going down at the wrong times.

  • Mike

    I want to see something return that I missed before from Xur, although I know some people hate seeing items return, but it has happened before.