Games with Gold December 2014 update after Sony pressure

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2014

You should be aware that Microsoft offered just one game for their Games with Gold October update. Sony has made the unusual move of announcing their PS Plus December 2014 update well in advance and the pressure is now on Microsoft to see if they can compete with Sony’s AAA offering.

We told you here that Sony were finally planning to give a ‘AAA’ game to the fans. This game is going to be Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition on PS4, while Secret Ponchos is also going to be included – another great indie title that has received high praise during development.

The Games with Gold update offered Volgarr the Viking and while it’s a great game, many Xbox One owners were expecting another game as Microsoft initially offered two Xbox One games for free when Games with Gold opened up to next-gen.


With this in mind, how are Microsoft going to answer Sony who are offering Injustice Gods Among us, with the Ultimate Edition being the cherry on top?

Microsoft has yet to offer a AAA game with Games with Gold too, so is December going to be the month when we finally see a game like Ryse or Forza offered?

After all, Microsoft loves to beat Sony when it comes to competition – recently showing this when they again cut the price of the Xbox One to just $349.99 with a free game.

While Microsoft are probably thinking hard on how to beat Sony with the Games with Gold December 2014 update list on Xbox One and Xbox 360, it’s obviously a win win situation for the gamer and can only mean good things.

As an Xbox One owner who was disappointed with Volgarr the Viking, let us know what you want to see for the December update, knowing that Sony has raised the bar by offering Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, the first AAA game for free.

If you could pick the game next month, what would you like to see personally?

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  • cheeesymelon

    I would really really really really really like to see one of the Halo’s again.

  • Gamestop

    Skyrim online

    • Phillip Moore

      not gonna happen

  • FP05

    This is probably an irrelevent topic because they probably already know what games they are going to give out and when. Volgar came out just like chariot did, free to xbox live gold members and when it was first released to the community. Of course they have not come out with great games for the xbox one games with gold, because the xbox has been out for just around a year. They havent been able to build up a great library just yet like the releases on the xbox 360, (saints row the third, halo 3, halo reach, ect.) They will probably expand their horizans to games like titan fall once the holiday season is over. Other than that Injustice is just a side fighter like street fighter. Not unlike a few games that have always been free siunce their release on the xbox one(killer instinct). I wouldnt call Injustice gods among us a triple A release beceause it came out free for mobile devices and you can get it for 20.00 for the xbox 360.(when i last checked).

  • Rob

    I wouldn’t mind seein GTA 5 On Games for gold since they already had a sale on it… Maybe Fable Anniversary, Something a lot Better than a Wii U reject…

    • Phillip Moore

      not gonna happen the games have been announced just look them up

  • kornelius

    volgar was an insult, i spewed a little wen it came on and i know that it was free but really…giving us a game for our next gen console with graphics and controls from the eighties is like buying a sports car and putting a reliant robin engine in it..but warframe is at least the sense i might wanna play it

  • JodieHxoxo

    Xbox 360 I think Injustice:Gods among us I think it’s a really good game.

    • Phillip Moore

      ps4 getting that one

  • IGN

    DARK SOULS 2 , NBA 2k14 ,

    • Kevin

      If they did bring those out.(They wont and cant)

    • Phillip Moore

      not going to happen

  • Guerfold

    Phantom Breaker : BG it’s a fun arcade game, it was released even for PS:Vita so maybe releasing it free would do something.

  • hendo

    Lords of the Fallen, The Evil Within, WATCH_DOGS, Need for Speed Rivals, Thief, Shadow Warrior, Styx: Master of Shadows, or Outlast. That is the list of X1 games that I am interested in and don’t have. I think they’ll release something like COD Ghost, though. Something that no one wants, that they can say, “hey look, it’s a triple A title!!” but they don’t really have to give any away, b/c no one wants it.

    • Kevin

      Eh, Lords Of The Fallen I completely understand , it is an amazing game yes but if you are familiar with Dark Souls 2 you might not do so good at first , trust me the controls are many different from any Dark Souls Game also the combat is very slow, so that means dont rely on your roll good luck.

    • Phillip Moore

      everything you just listed there not going to give us its probably going to be some unknown game that everyone has never heard of before

      • GOAT


        • Phillip Moore

          your just mad cause I speak the truth the truth always makes people mad

  • I’d wanna’ see Scott Pilgrim, Persona 4 Arena, Fez or Mirror’s Edge.

    • Kevin

      Fez , amazing game , Mirror’s Edge ,just …mind blown !

      • I played the demo for both, so much fun. I wanted to know what Faith had done to get on the government’s bad side and Fez… so amazing.

  • Étienne-A Beauregard

    Dead Rising 3!

    • Phillip Moore

      nope not gonna happen

      • blood wolf

        Quit being a Negative Nancy. Nobody likes Negative Nancy’s

        • Phillip Moore

          the games have already been announced and its not dead rising 3 its worms battlegrounds how does telling the truth qualify as being negative

  • ???

    Darksouls 2, call of duty black ops two and borderland two

    • Kevin

      Dark Souls 2 you are way too dumb (no offense) too think they would really put Dark Souls 2 for free ,the game is amazing with many players playing. I myself personally want your wish to come true but I highly doubt it .

      • FP05

        It is possible expsecially with their prior releases of Darksouls, halo reach, and hal0 3

    • Phillip Moore

      nope they wont do it they done gave us darksouls its possible we could get borderlands1 and black ops1

  • ?????

    Viva Pinata for November.
    Four words:

    • Viva Pinata actually isn’t a bad game. I like it better than seeing a ton of rated M games.

    • Kevin

      Yes , what were they thinking? I think that they were going for a type of kids game and adult game nearly every month. My Opinion.

  • AtoHD

    For the 360: Borderlands 2, Test Drive Unlimited 2, Minecraft, Gears of War 3 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    • ?????

      Minecraft is too popular, but everything else I agree on.

    • Phillip Moore

      its always going to be an old game ill be surprised if they give us something newer

  • AwsomeTaco

    I want to see Grand Theft Auto 4 for free with xbox live gold

    • Kevin

      Yes it is possible but I dont think they will because there are many modders on Gta 4 so I doubt it.

  • atomicjuicer

    Current offerings are poor. We need better. Sick of this 8bit cartoon 2 frame crap.