Delete PS4 Share Play game icon from home screen

Those of you who have not used PS4 Share Play may be interested to know a few hints about the service. While everyone is talking about the fact that Activision has blocked Share Play with COD Advanced Warfare, we’ve noticed that any games which are used during Share Play are automatically saved onto the PS4 home space.

For example, if you don’t own a copy of COD Advanced Warfare yet and try to play it as a guest using Share Play, your PS4 home screen will be greeted with a COD Advanced Warfare icon, the same as any other game that you do own.

This icon will stay on your home space even after the Share Play session has ended, but it will have a lock next to the game and a prompt to buy it once you select it.


It’s clever in a way by Sony as it essentially provides a shortcut straight to the PS Store, but we know that some of you may be looking to delete the PS4 Share Play game icon from the home screen straight away.

Fortunately, this is easy to do – simply press options and delete and the game icon will disappear away from your home screen. We’ve also noticed though that you may not want to delete it if you are considering a purchase for the following key reason.

Any unowned game that is added to your home space will continue to receive updates just like a game that you do own. It’s a nice feature for sure, ensuring that you are fully updated like anyone else the moment you decide to make that purchase.

We’ve added a second image for you, showing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare receiving an update even though the game has not been purchased yet – how many of you knew about this little feature?

Still though, some of you may think it’s a bit cheeky for icons to be added automatically after using Share Play, but it works both ways. Give us your thoughts on this below.



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