Xbox Live sign-in down globally on Nov 5th

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 5, 2014

There is a major outage right now with the Xbox Live sign in not working and it’s down globally. This fact has been confirmed by Microsoft themselves, which is thanks to the official status page confirming problems with the Xbox One console and users trying to sign-in to online services.

We have included a snapshot of the status page from just moments ago. As you can see, Microsoft explain that “signing into Xbox Live” isn’t working right now. So, if you are an Xbox Live member using the latest console then you will have issues trying to sign in today.


Microsoft said they are not only “aware” of these issues, but their team is currently working “diligently” to get everything back up again. The aim is to get the Xbox One sign in issues “resolved as quickly as possible”.

Are you having problems signing into Xbox Live right now and if so, is it will the Xbox One only or 360 as well? Also, leave your location with nearest city to see if this outage is for certain areas.

There’s updates being offered every “30 minutes” on the Xbox status page, so keep an eye on that or leave your current status below.

Update: It has been confirmed that Xbox Live is down everywhere on November 5th, 2014. We’ve had reports from Broadstairs to London in the UK, and from Canada to NYC in the US.

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  • zach knapp

    Old Orchard Beach, Maine Xbox 360 no sign in

  • matt

    I can’t sign in to live of my profile on 360 so pretty much can’t play any game or really do anything it sucks hopefully gets fixed soon.

  • Dsssssss

    It is down on my computer, it won’t let me sign in on my Xbox 360. My friend is having no problems, but when I try to test my connection everything works fine but connecting to Xbox live.

  • Padraig Falvey

    I’m in Ireland and its on windows phone and my surface too

  • Josh101

    Remember, remember the 5th of November, the gun powder, treason and plot. I know of no reason the gunpowder treason shall ever, be, forgot.
    Seriously though, this sux.

  • brooksy

    down in sydney Australia

  • gianluca100

    back up in england birmingham

  • Et Navn

    i think it just got fixed, did for me atleast 🙂

  • Paul s

    Litrally went out and bought call of duty AW. Got in. Paid for xbox gold membership and this happens…thats about £100 ive waisted. Im in england btw. Xbox one.

  • Ron Delph

    Down in Hell

  • gamer

    Down in new mexico

  • Ron Delph

    Down in Africa

  • live up

    Dutch Groningen, Holland (the Netherlands) as well…

  • aric

    Down in Colorado

  • xfatalxzero

    This is why we pay $60 a year cos MS puts time into making sure the service is back up within the same day. $60is worth, 24/7 customer service and support. Deals and a lot more.

  • Lewis

    Down in Calgary, and wired connections don’t work. I have an Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the 360 is working fine but not the latest machine so this is only an issue with Xbox One.

  • disqus_IF7XdlouD3

    Its up on Xbox 360. Im playing with my friend right now on madden 15.

  • Solly

    Down in the Netherlands, good job I own a PS4 as well

  • Rich

    Down in Chicago.

  • Jay

    Down in Tucson Arizona. I have a friend in Canada, and they all say it’s down.

  • Ron

    I cannot sign into Xbox Live in NYC, not working at all.

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  • Rob

    Xbox Live is down in the UK on Xbox One.

  • Randy

    Down in Wuppertal, Germany

  • Sol

    Down in Québec, Canada