Review of LG BP340 Smart Blu-ray player specs

By Peter Chubb - Nov 5, 2014

You would think that less people would be buying Blu-ray players, as many people can use their games console in order to play these discs, as well as the fact that more of us are streaming content direct to our TV via its Smart features or a set-top box. However, there is still a huge market, especially if you have kids, and put a movie on for them at night to help them get to sleep. We thought we would highlight the LG BP340 Smart Blu-ray player because it would be a perfect gift for your child, or even if you need a new player in your bedroom, or living room if you do not have a PS3 or PS4.

We thought we would offer a review of the LG BP340 Smart Blu-ray player specs, as this model does seem to have a lot to give the users. We can tell you that this model is the perfect addition for any HDTV, seeing as though it plays Blu-ray movies at Full HD 1080p, which is far greater than any DVD player with upscaling.

Review of LG BP340 Blu-ray player

LG BP340 comes with built-in WiFi allowing it to connect to the Internet to get a host of online content, such as apps. This means there is no need for any extra wires and is simple to set-up, as you just need to enter your wireless network username and password.

Once set up you will then be able to access premium content, such as movies and TV shows from various sources, such as Netflix.

LG BP340 specs

The model also plays DVDs and will even upscale them to deliver improved image quality, although nothing like Blu-ray. There is also a USB 2.0 port, which allows the user to watch digitally stored content from a USB key or external hard drive, such as photos, songs and movies.

You can view a list of the full Blu-ray BP340 disc player with bult-in WiFi technical specs on the official website. We also have a video below going over some of its main features as well.

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  • Irritated

    What a superficial review of this product this was! The review told me nothing that I could not gleam for myself by reading theough the available online marketing and product information/specifications.
    What I’d like to know if about the LG Model BP340 (information that appears to be nonexistent in all by searches) is which WIFi specifications it supports as I’m experiencing hugely irritating stream buffering issues when I use Netflix. As there is no option for a wired ethernet connection I’m stuck with the wireless option for any online streaming option available through this LG WIFi aware device.