COD Advanced Warfare 1.05 update possible features

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2014

COD Advanced Warfare multiplayer is once again proving to be an addictive adventure. Most of you will probably be trying to analyse the best gun in COD Advanced Warfare so far, but we have a heads up on potential features that may come with the next update – likely to be the COD Advanced Warfare 1.05 update.

We told you a few days ago that the 1.04 patch had already gone live, with a surprise 114MB install needed on PS4. Now, Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey has decided to go to gaming hub Reddit to share what else is on the way to the game soon.

A lot of you have been asking for COD Advanced Warfare Dedicated Server support, but it doesn’t look like you will be getting this feature just yet. There are some notable fixes on the way though that may or may not make it into the COD Advanced Warfare 1.05 patch.

COD Advanced Warfare companion app anger

They include a Kill confirmed score limit, a Prestige Emblem Reset, Speed reload timing, MP chat icon size and placement tweaks and much more.

Sledgehammer are also thinking about 2XP messaging, COD Vision team color improvements and fixing the score mismatch when a player leaves the public lobby.

Just to point out, these are not confirmed features for the 1.05 update, but feature improvements that Sledgehammer are looking at right now to be fixed in the game moving forward.

We have a feeling that some will make it into the next update, but not all. If you have been playing multiplayer non-stop since launch, let us know what you think needs to be a ‘priority’ update from Sledgehammer.

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  • Shaun James

    Look we need thAt new update 1.04 no good need 1.pluS05 can’t play on advance warfare or the complain or online it’s starting to do my head now iv done all the thinks to sort this out

    • J King Craig

      Save and quit then play where u left off its working perfectly for me.

  • Chris Krawchuk

    I can’t stand the freezing on ps3. Sometimes it’s the first round and doesn’t freeze again other times it’s the second or third. The lobby menu must be chewing up memory loading everybody’s different stuff? Why have that? It’s not needed and slows everything down.

  • cnelly

    Well I cannot even play mine day zero edition after both updates and bought another game mine still freezes every 2 and a half games it sucks this game is great but it’s causing a cold restart

  • william vandever

    Mine puts me in games as a spectator and will not let me play in hard point or any other online game……what is going on….also I have the digital copy of game and bought the season pass as well. 99.95 was spent on it and this is not what should be going on. This iswilliev for PS3. Hope there is an answer soon

  • R Notes

    I don’t know what the hell is going on but 4x in a row I was thrown into a game as a spectator and it froze on me each time I had to completely restart my system I really would like some answers as I do love the game is it because of these new updates ??? I’m also experiencing the freezing which I’ve sucked up until now

  • Stu

    My game freezes in multiplayer mode and you have to switch off console completely to reset has happened seven or eight times very frustrating especially when on a good kill streak also throws me in at start of games as spectator which also annoying is still doing it after update aswell😤

    • Mazieq .

      have the same problem. Only restart my ps3 is helpful

  • Jeff

    Please give us demolition

  • phil

    My game freezes 15 seconds into “playing” campaign or multiplayer. Any idea whats going on? I dont see any response from the company or playstation.

  • jeff

    My major issue with advanced warfare right now is that a completely freezes up almost every time I go into a game

  • Extra Hot Tots

    Don’t take away my emblems when I prestige!!!