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Cannot join PS4 Share Play, as region problems realized

The PS4 has a brand new feature called Share Play and it works like a dream in most cases. However, we’ve noticed that not everyone can use the feature, with some users instead receiving an error along with the message that reads ‘Cannot join PS4 Share Play’.

It now appears that Share Play will only work in some countries, while there’s some other hidden limitations that may stop you from playing.

For instance, we can tell you straight away that users in Germany can only Share Play with other PS4 users from Germany – no exceptions, as Sony has confirmed this here.


We can also tell you that you can’t Share Play with a user if the game you have is not available in the guest’s country – which is a bit of a blow it has to be said.

As a result, it looks like PS4 Share Play is region locked to an extent so you need to be aware of that the next time you run into problems. We can show you an image of the message you may receive on your PS4 if you are trying to Share Play with a guest, but cannot.

Let us know your experiences with PS4 Share Play so far. Have you encountered any problems with the service hosting or as guest, or has it worked perfectly for you without any issue?



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