Yahoo Mail sporadic login problems

By Peter Chubb - Nov 4, 2014

There are yet more Yahoo Mail login problems, although it is a sporadic issue seeing as though some users are still able to login. From what we have heard Yahoo mail is working for some on mobile, with the biggest issue being with desktop users. We are not certain how long there have been issues for, but it has been ongoing for most of the day, and only seems to be getting worse over the past hour or so.

We have already heard from some Yahoo mail users saying they are unable to open emails, and they are having a tough time connecting to Yahoo as a whole. Some users have been able to retrieve their email, but only by accessing their account through a mobile device.

Yahoo Mail login problems

Some people have reported that when they try to login they are meet with the message, “experiencing technical difficulties”, which as we know must be very frustrating for users, especially if they are waiting on an important email. It makes it even worse when they are told to try again in ten minutes, only to be met with the very same message.

Yahoo Mail problems

Many users have taken to Twitter to share the frustration, with many of them asking why do they put up with Yahoo Mail being down on so many occasions? What we do not understand is why do they keep putting up with it, they should just make the switch to a rival mail service, such as Google.

We did find one tweet funny when it said that while Yahoo stock is up, its mail Service is down, which is a little ironic don’t you think?

Is Yahoo Mail down for you, and if so are you now thinking about moving over to a rival email service?

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  • fff25

    Am with all of you! Have had Yahoo forever but am sick of all of their frequent “down” problems. Going to another service!!

  • Pissed Yahoo customer

    such crap every day it crashes, now cant even get my mail, i switching over to another mail ASAP

  • saunders

    cant get yahoo on ipad but can on laptop…..driving me mad

  • Wittmer25

    I am still having problems. I have never seen it this bad. Been a user since 1999.

  • ed

    still a problem. Worse than yesterday…

  • Shawn Rosvold

    Why am I paying for sub standard mail delivery? Your mail system hasn’t worked properly for most of the last week and a half.

  • Tori Miller

    I’ve had my yahoo email account for over 15 years, and I really don’t want to change now. But this is getting kind of ridiculous.

  • Joe

    This is an ongoing problem (day 3, this time) – and what’s really astounding is that this company of techies can’t even register that the problem exists, on their tumblr page, or their twitter account, or their home page.

    Clearly Yahoo’s own employees don’t use their mail service, or it would presumably be fixed by now.

    Anyway, that’s it for me – off to gmail. Or hotmail. Or anything other than this sh**.

  • Seth Reber

    Yeah I’m about at my wits end with yahoo mail… time to move on.

  • Sue

    For the second time in a few days I am unable to log in or even contact the so called help service – its rubbish. I already have a gmail account and I think I will ditch yahoo and start using the gmail as my main account. Rubbish service, endless ads in in-box. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.

    • Sean

      Agree totally everything going to dead links Pure Rubbish