Walmart and Target Thanksgiving hours for 2014

If we were to go back a few years the thought of retailers opening up on Thanksgiving Day would have been absurd, as people used this as a perfect time to stay off work to spend time with family and friends. They also used this as a day to plan their attack for the Friday following Thanksgiving, as this was Black Friday. However, with these stores trying to one-up each other, more of them have started to open on this U.S. holiday.

Ok, so not all stores will be opening up on Thanksgiving, but two that will are Walmart and Target, and so we thought you might wish to know their opening hours.

Target Thanksgiving hours for 2014

Target Thanksgiving hours for 2014 – Target have yet to announce its opening times, but last year doors opened at 8PM on Thanksgiving, although we have a feeling it may be earlier this year, maybe at 6PM.

Walmart Thanksgiving hours for 2014 The reason we said that earlier opening time for Target is because Walmart is to open its doors at 6PM on the day workers thought they would be able to stay at home.

However, spare a thought for Kmart workers, as the stores they work in looks set to open at 6AM on the day of Thanksgiving, which is not fair on their families.

If you are not happy with having to work on a day you were meant to be with family and fiends, then maybe you should get a job at, Costco, TJMaxx, Marshalls, American Girl or Homegoods, as their doors are staying closed on November 27th.



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