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Sceptre X505BV-FMQR 50-inch LED HDTV review

Earlier on this week we gave you a heads-up on a budget TV that was selling early right now. That model was from RCA but now we have a look at another TV which you may be interested in picking up on the cheap – the Sceptre X505BV-FMQR 50-inch LED HDTV.

This TV comes with a huge 50-inch display, and being LED quality means that it is perfect for those who want a new TV for gaming as an alternative to expensive high street brands.

Other Sceptre X505BV-FMQR TV specs include full 1080p resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio, 3 HDMI ports and also USB ports if you want to connect external hard drives to the TV for media usage.


It’s also worth pointing out that this TV supports HDMI 1.4, which is the standard needed to enjoy Blu-Ray films at its highest quality – it also supports Roku as well for those that already own Roku products and use them on a daily basis.

Last year you would have been expected to pay well over $500 to own this TV, but if you look around online you will discover that there’s already big discounts available before the sales have even began.

Walmart for instance are selling the same Sceptre X505BV-FMQR 50-inch LED HDTV for $349.99 which is a massive discount from the original retail price – whilst stocks last though, so don’t wait around.

We have included a useful Sceptre X505BV-FMQR TV review below which includes a lot more information about this model. Watch that and then tell us if you are considering a purchase. Have any of you already owned a Sceptre TV in the past – can you recommend it to others?



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