Major EE problems, down in London central

- Nov 4, 2014

We are receiving reports that EveryThing EveryWhere is experiencing some major problems in London central and other parts of the UK. There’s still no confirmation about these EE problems in and around London, although we’ve noticed hundreds of tweets about EE’s services not working all across the country.

One Product Reviews reader stated, “London central has no 4G connection”. Another added, “Neither 3G or 4G working, and no mobile internet access in Leicester”. These comments are just a few from hundreds, although it looks like the outage hasn’t been for a long time.

EE has only been down today for around 20 minutes, from the reports we’ve received and noticed on social networks.

Major EE problems down in London central

Are you having problems with no EE signal today and if so, what’s your nearest city? Leave a comment below, so we can see if there’s a pattern for the current outage. We’ll update our readers if we receive any feedback or official statement in the next hour.

Update: It looks like the problems are with both iPad/Android tablet owners and mobile phones. Again, we have reached out to EE for comment.

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  • paul

    Hounslow no network cover at all since yesterday
    Can not even make a phone call

  • bob

    North of Cardiff. Getting failed incoming and outgoing calls, and intermittent data despite full 3G / 4G signal. I am not the only one, its a nightmare trying to get through to other EE users I know. To be honest this has been going on for months for us, with EE denying there is a problem. But the issue is noticeably worse in the last 24 hours. Rebooting phone doesn’t help.

  • Michelle Slaney

    In between Bedford and Milton Keynes, no service at all since yesterday lunch time

  • chris

    should have gone to Vodafone !

  • Andy

    Over 24 hours in glasgow still down, Shocking for the money I pay every month

  • Apcarty

    I’ve had no signal since yesterday afternoon. Will be moving to another provider.

  • Raymond Paul

    Since 1.30 pm yesterday i have had no internet in the London area, not so much as a text to explain what is happening! No doubt i will be charged for this pleasure too!

  • Matthew

    I’ve had a full signal and 3g for the last week now and can’t use any mobile internet in Stoke on Trent. Not acceptable given the price i pay each month

  • Kaur

    3G and 4g.. Still down in Birmingham.. I’m sure this should have been sorted by now!! Nearly 24 hours!!

  • norman

    EE 3g and 4g down all day yesterday, 4g still down this morning. Glasgow.

  • Steven Lewis

    Scarborough and Sheffield – got signal connected to both 3g and 4g shows downloads and uploads but nothing will load. all settings are correct, reset phone and removed sim card

  • Annoyed

    Nothing in Bournemouth. Phone just says searching where the signal should be, can’t make calls or text. 7 hours now.

  • Jeremy

    No signal for hours now in Purley, SURREY. This is getting serious. Why no response from EE?

  • Darren Woodland

    Had no signal since lunch Time as well. My iPad has been saying ive got full signal but it’s not doing anything. This is getting frustrating because it’s not the first time and I’m paying for a service im not getting. Think they should give me something back cost im wasting my money and getting nothing for it.

  • Mark Williamson

    No internet since lunch time it been on 4g most of time

  • hay

    no data in essex down since 10 this morning shows 4g but nothing

  • jamie

    No data in North London. Harrow. And Hendon

  • Ryan

    No mobile data since 12pm today in Worcestershire. Called EE their not offering any compensation for down time they refered me to their terms & conditions. They said its a complete UK outage.

  • Mike

    No mobile data in Cheltenham since lunchtime. Shows good 4G signal but no data transfer possible.

  • Pav

    No internet since noon, in birmingham

  • mystery

    Down in reading. 3rd and 4g

  • Paul

    Yes, Southampton went at lunchtime and is still down – same story; showing full 4G but not connecting at all.

  • Di

    I’ve got no internet in feltham tw14

  • mum

    I have been waiting since yesterday 8 am for my phone to be re connected I’m still waiting now all they tell me is there is a back logg.. Manchester

  • Jim

    It’s been down since 11am. It shows that it’s connected to mobile data but does nothing.

    • Di

      Mines the same. Live in the heathrow area

  • Ben

    Getting 4G but internet based applications are not working.

  • Simon

    Reigate Surrey, says there’s signal but nothing downloads, been since early afternoon. Ball Ache!

  • Sol

    I’ve been having problems with the EE mobile broadband content blocker that constantly kicks in when I called 3 times in the past few months to have it turned off. Anyone else got issues with this?

  • Rebecca

    West End, Central London. I’m not getting any 3G data or 4G on Everything Everywhere. Anyone else?

  • Dan

    Slow or no mobile data at times, I’m in Newcastle upon tyne

  • Jess

    I’ve got No data connection.